I am  a 25 year old male that has long grown tired of the everyday 9-5 small talk world. I wish to create or help create with others a place of harmony. A completely self sufficient “farm”, and animal rescue property. Preferably some where far enough away from the city to where we could have small music events every now and then. I have money to invest, but I need guidance and help of others students and teachers. Not looking to set up a halfway house, but a house that goes further. Also we need a bus. Please let me know if you are interested at all!

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4 Responses to “Wanting to build sanctuary in Oregon!”

  1. cjthesiege91

    I’m very interested!

  2. jay

    http://altpowerinternational.com/solar/off-grid/. Company has worked on projects around the world. If you call for information say jay had sent you a link and you will get help. Very knowledgable

  3. Austin b

    Lets do it fast before someone vha ges their mind!

  4. annmarie muren

    i`m very interested in same but don`t know how to get started