[before_listing id=300 images= youtube=null] I’m interested in trying off grid living. I have 5 acres of land with a little falling down old log cabin on it 13’x21′. I’d like to get the cabin liveable again, it needs a lot of chinking in the logs and a new floor, and I want to put in a wood stove. I really want to learn more about how to set it up as off grid and especially about septic systems. I’d be willing to let some people who know about setting up an off-grid house to park their van or yurt or whatever on the land and live on it, if they can show me how to do some of this stuff, bring any animals or kids or whatever. There is currently no water or electricity on the land, and it is about 2 miles from a little town up a bit of a rough road, theres a few neighbors in the area but not many. My land is inland up right on the border of N.California and Oregon.[landbuddy_listing id=300 youtube=null]

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