[before_listing id=300 images= youtube=null] I’m interested in trying off grid living. I have 5 acres of land with a little falling down old log cabin on it 13’x21′. I’d like to get the cabin liveable again, it needs a lot of chinking in the logs and a new floor, and I want to put in a wood stove. I really want to learn more about how to set it up as off grid and especially about septic systems. I’d be willing to let some people who know about setting up an off-grid house to park their van or yurt or whatever on the land and live on it, if they can show me how to do some of this stuff, bring any animals or kids or whatever. There is currently no water or electricity on the land, and it is about 2 miles from a little town up a bit of a rough road, theres a few neighbors in the area but not many. My land is inland up right on the border of N.California and Oregon.[landbuddy_listing id=300 youtube=null]

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12 Responses to “Want to try off grid living. Can share 5 acres and a little old log cabin”

  1. John Arizona

    How is it going? I hope you are doing well. I know how to build and looking to go off grid now. I agree with one of the replies above in that composting toilets and reusing all grey water is the very best way to go. Some areas demand a septic and that can done fairly inexpensively if done by self. Hiring out just for the ‘know-how” is what ramps up the price. One you submit the permit and do the percolation tests it can be finished pretty quickly. It is good to do your best at developing a good report with the inspector. I am looking to be neighbors and buy my own little slice but would love like minded (peace loving) neighbors. Anyone else reading who is interested in going off grid together let me know so we can talk. God bless all!

  2. Dannie

    Well first septic systems are expensive. Greywater recycling systems in conjunction with composting toilets is a lot more earth friendly and easy to maintain. I have done tons of research. We have been looking for like minded ppl with the desire to go off grid n return to a more simple lifestyle. Contact us..medasstdj@hotmail.com

  3. JeronTalinaSeanKylie

    I have alot of contruction experience agrocultural, farming and technical know how, i also have laid a ton of underground PVC and stuff and would help with any labor at all, we are a small family of 4 and live in Pacific Beach Ca and would like to go off the grid this summer maybe to get getting out before it gets much worse in the cities with laws and goverment control mechanism, hit us up 858-952-9682 Jeron

  4. john

    hey a gasifier would really help you out, check it out on youtube, i’m tryin to go off the grid too,but havent found a place yet, email me with some pics . Me and wife had an adult foster care for 7 years now we need a break,and were goin thru forclosure. I have celiacs disease and have to grow my own food for safety. I do however study astrophysics and can show you how to build anything. check out gasifiers,and windgenkits.com,and let me know bout your situation

  5. edwin nelson

    i am looking to get off grid compleatly i am only hooked up to elect. now have a stove made from a grease drum and other scraps know how to make gen. out of appliance parts that are abundantly avalible have good knowledge and abilities to achieve our mutual goals have a facebook acount can see my stove in action would love to help you and in doing so help myself im 45 yrs old working in oilfields here in ks.have a heard of dogs and im about 1-2 blocks to far intown loosers burnt my shack i made in the river its on my girlfriends face book it was pretty slick and all made out of junk out of trash and scrapyard would love to come help us out

  6. Tyler

    Please contact me at tylerhess_2013@depauw.edu if this posting is still an option. I am very interested in assisting.

  7. Listen

    I highly agree! Read the Humanure handbook! I have friends that do this and it works fine and isn’t as gross as you’d think. This summer my 11 yr old daughter and I used buckets, with a nice potty seat made from wood that went over the bucket. It worked great. We used cedar shavings and it didn’t smell. I dug some poop that was 3 yrs old out of the cement thing we dump the buckets into, and put it on the baby apple tree and it didn’t look like poop at all, and it didn’t smell, though the butterflies were all over it! It was really beautiful!

  8. Jill

    forget the septic system, get the book “The Humanure Handbook” by Joseph Jenkins – way easier and give you good soil in the long run.

  9. Borgetta

    On Septic System: You must go to the County you live in and get a permit. With the permit comes the Requirements to build your septic system. Depending on your ground type, the rock will be specific generally 2 to 3 kinds you must use. The way I put in the Septic System is to get a person hired with a backhoe machine, they dig the open holes to place the cement or other durable round-shape septic(s) into the ground and place the lids on them with the backhoe, very easy, you must have inspected as
    you lay the pipe (PVC) with holes for septic sewage to run downward away from your home and other living areas constructed. So the first thing is to lay plumbing (pvc) for your water should be pretty deep to keep from freezing and the smaller the pipe the higher the water pressure. It is a joy to do it and I can help you will have to pay for me to come down and get it done. I did this on my barren land connected 200 feet of water pipes. You will feel good after you get this done. Msg me if you have questions.
    Take care, nickname Borgetta

  10. Scifisam

    Septic systems require alot of work.First you need a big hole in the ground near to or at least uphill from your main use area.You put a main pipe in that is connected to all outgoing entering the tank or container “concrete,plastic whatever that you have put in your hole.I suggest at least a 3 inch pipe 4 is standard.Then you have a septic feild which is a series of piping there are many different layouts that need to be trenched ,piped and buried.Preferably under vegetation that uses alot of fertilzer.These field pipes must have holes in them and should be screened to prevent any type of clogging.The shit tank fills up and it runs out through the pipe system and is absorbed into the earth and any nutrients are going to be broken down and used by the vegatation.Placing your field under your garden might be a good thing if you don’t think about it when your eating fresh vegatables.You may also want to place a gravel bed under the field pipe to stabilize it and keep it from moving.If you care for your system it will serve you well forever almost.Don’t put things in it that won’t degrade quickly or harsh chemicals.Go to the library.It has books with pictures and everything!

  11. Eleusis

    I have all the tools and skills you need. I am just looking for a OtG place I can come stay or Camp for occasional winters. I have my own Power and Accomidations. I cant find any place to contact you. I guess you just need to post here. I can do these things as legit or use the rustic recycle method. Your call….

  12. Tommy Joe

    This sounds great! im not a pro but in the next two months i was going to buy land and a cheap camper, stay on the land until i complete my own earthship! My girlfriend and i have lots of creative ideas. ive worked on tons of hands on jobs(electrician, steel constuction building, carpentry etc.) i have the skills to help make your cabin liveable again.. i would like to try a rocket stove idea i have.. unfortunately i have no knowledge on septic systems but i could do some deep research, i would love to help work and build and put creative ideas together. we live in seattle and need out! youre very close sounds perfect! you can call us whenever 206-683-1527