[before_listing images= youtube=null] looking to go off grid i have plans allready drawn up and the skills to erect fully insulated removable buildings with water catcher and solar power <3

get in touch if your like minded people and wish to pursue . M[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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15 Responses to “want to go off grid”

  1. Alan Russell

    Good day , looks like we share the exact same mindset and we are just down the road in Mansfield. Would like to stay in touch, compare notes, discuss ways around planning law etc. Please contact me if interested alan0732@gmail.com

  2. Jon Preece

    Oooh it’s been ages but I’m keen to join you. I’m North East England.

    To anyone else looking, let’s crowd fund some land and get this started!?

    Please email me


  3. Charlotte

    Hi! I want to go off grid too! I am from Yorkshire

  4. Elaine

    Hello Renderking, I realise it’s been some time since your posting. Where are you up to with the project? Are you off-grid yet? please email me at elaine7owen@gmail.com

  5. Yorkshirevic

    Hi, I’ve just registered on here and came across this thread. Is the off grid community now up and running? I’m am interested in being part of it if there is room for one more?

  6. Edd

    Looking into moving into camper/ coach/ caravan full time on a piece of land, am in Leeming North Yorkshire. Really feel drawn to living off grid, tired of renting, dont want to do the norm and spend £50,000+ on a house

  7. Don

    Hi my wife and I want to go off grid.Where is your land?

  8. NiCee

    Im in the process. Webought our land, have finalized details on my home here. Close Friday. Staying w my son while I prep for ourvWagon Train to headvWest.
    Our belongings are in storage for now . Starting next week, I will concentrate on selling what I can live without, downsizing tomove from East Coast to West. My boy friend my son and I bought 80 acres together. My boyfriend and I are moving first, then my son will join us.
    Im excited, and ready for this adventure!
    Now that its down to just two days left in my home, and Im stepping out into some unknowns, Ive had many thoughts run through my mind.
    The one thing that bothers us is something we can over come.
    That is we dont know anyone near ourland.
    There has been that feeling of caution, wanting to reach out to meet people on the net, yet concerned w how do we know whos safe, or should we remain on our own and meet people once we arrive.
    Thanks for your email reminding me of this site!
    Id love tohave like minded people to meetvand work together helping and encouraging others to take this LEAP OF FAITH!
    Sincerly, NiCee

  9. David

    I’m missing some of the listing here all im seeing is ready to build insulated building with water catcher where is this located? Im intetested please contact me with info thanks David. davechflnd@gmail.com.

  10. zach

    im all in depending on the location you have in mind.

  11. renderking

    Hi all grateful for your replys where are you all based?

  12. jace

    I’m in, what’s the plan?

  13. Phil

    Let’s do this

  14. Darrell Toronto

    I will join aswell!!!

  15. vinesh1human

    im ready to join