[before_listing id=304 images= youtube=null] My wife and I would love to get away from it all somewhere. Looking for an off the grid place to call home. I am a computer scientist and she is an english major. If anyone has any suggestions let us know.[landbuddy_listing id=304 youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Want to get away”

  1. Rudy Harris

    My wife and our three dogs are so ready to be unplugged. I am a Agricultural Engineer, and I am aware of more things in this world than most. My wife is a Business/Accountant major. We have looked our selves for the last year, looking and searching for an off the grid area to clam as our home. Currently we live in Arizona (Tucson) hot I know. If there is anyone who has land for sale in the Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma area, Please help us out,. Due to recent disasters in certain areas our searches have become limited.

  2. Phoenix

    Hi! I don’t know if you and your wife have found a place yet. My husband and I just bought some land in Southeast Missouri. We will be starting a Homestead there. We just want to extend an invitation to you to come and join us (even if you do not want to stay). If you want to gain some experience of building and learning about building a Homestead from scratch you are welcome to join us. We will start building the house in mid to late August. You might be able to gain practical building experience and knowledge about Homesteading. We thought you might want the experience for when you guys are ready to start building…and who knows maybe you will like it enough to stay awhile *grin*

  3. Tabitha

    Hey, check out what we are doing….we are looking for people.

  4. Community

    We are a self-sustainable community in Missouri going off-grid. If your interested, let me know.

  5. adam

    Hi my name is adam and if you are looking for a place to run if the going gets tuff or if you are simply looking for a place to have a laid back off the grid vacation contact me at 417-770-6472 we have land and cabin packages that we can set you up with no need to know how to live off the land in there will be avid outdoors men that know the land living right there with you they will be able to farm and teach you how to .We are filling up spaces some very near to Kc mo.

  6. Steve and Mary

    Have you found your location yet? If not, please email us. We have land for sale in Wyoming. Affordable, great location, agricultural.
    Steve and Mary phreshwaterconcepts@gmail.com

  7. Shayna

    Sorry, I thought my site would appear… it is placeofrefuge2012.com

  8. Shayna

    Check us out…we have ONE site left. Or contact us directly at refuge2012@yahoo.com.

  9. Seige

    Where are you wanting to move off the grid?