Hi, my name is Vanessa and I’m 27 years old. My boyfriend’s name is Mitch and he’s 30 years old. And our son’s name is Keegan and he’s 18 months old. We are a very loving and open-minded family looking to connect with others who want to go off the grid and start a community. We are very serious about this, it’s been our passion for a long time, and we’re looking to make the change within the next year. You can click on my profile to learn more specifically about me. We are very fun-loving, active, hard-working, open-minded and open-armed people. We wouldn’t call ourselves religious, but we have beliefs alongside pagan/wicca & buddhism and are very connected to nature. We feel more at home out in the middle of the wilderness than we do in a house in the city.

I am trained and knowledgeable in many areas including, but not limited to – childcare, education, medicine, the arts, making natural products, fishing, hunting, cooking/preserving food, animals, farming/gardening, harvesting/purifying/filtering water, psychology, forensics, criminal profiling, etc.

My boyfriend is trained and knowledgeable in areas including, but not limited to – carpentry/building, roofing, landscaping, gardening/farming, fishing, hunting, cooking, etc.

If we don’t know something, we only need to be shown once or twice how to do it and then we will be able to. We also would love to teach any of our skills to others who are interested.

We want to learn more about living off the grid, teach others, and work together with like-minded people to make this a reality. We want to build a true community, not like these city neighborhoods where you don’t even know you’re neighbors’ names. We intend to build our home out of earth bags but are more than open to anyone choosing their own style of building. If you don’t know how, we’ll work together. You can build a very nice, big house out of earth bags for as little as $500 to upwards of $5,000 – still cheap either way. We would like to have gardens and fruit trees, as well as goats, chickens and fish. I also intend to grown and make my own herbal/natural remedies. We’re looking for land that preferably has it’s own water source such as a lake or river, but if necessary we’ll make a man-made one. We’re also looking to build a school house so I can home-school our son, and any other families looking to do the same are more than welcome! We want to have solar panels, thermal and passive heating, evaporative coolers, rainwater harvesting barrels, aquaponic gardens, solar ovens, etc.

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We don’t care if you’re single or have a family or your race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or whatever – we’re open to anyone and anything. So are you interested in getting away from everything – away from the government corruption, away from the societal expectations, off the grid and unplugged from the system? Do you feel the same as we do about building a true community, getting back to the basics, and being able to focus on what truly matters in life? If so, get a hold of me! Let’s make the vision of a thriving life into a reality!!


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