Hi, my name is Vanessa and I’m 27 years old. My boyfriend’s name is Mitch and he’s 30 years old. And our son’s name is Keegan and he’s 18 months old. We are a very loving and open-minded family looking to connect with others who want to go off the grid and start a community. We are very serious about this, it’s been our passion for a long time, and we’re looking to make the change within the next year. You can click on my profile to learn more specifically about me. We are very fun-loving, active, hard-working, open-minded and open-armed people. We wouldn’t call ourselves religious, but we have beliefs alongside pagan/wicca & buddhism and are very connected to nature. We feel more at home out in the middle of the wilderness than we do in a house in the city.

I am trained and knowledgeable in many areas including, but not limited to – childcare, education, medicine, the arts, making natural products, fishing, hunting, cooking/preserving food, animals, farming/gardening, harvesting/purifying/filtering water, psychology, forensics, criminal profiling, etc.

My boyfriend is trained and knowledgeable in areas including, but not limited to – carpentry/building, roofing, landscaping, gardening/farming, fishing, hunting, cooking, etc.

If we don’t know something, we only need to be shown once or twice how to do it and then we will be able to. We also would love to teach any of our skills to others who are interested.

We want to learn more about living off the grid, teach others, and work together with like-minded people to make this a reality. We want to build a true community, not like these city neighborhoods where you don’t even know you’re neighbors’ names. We intend to build our home out of earth bags but are more than open to anyone choosing their own style of building. If you don’t know how, we’ll work together. You can build a very nice, big house out of earth bags for as little as $500 to upwards of $5,000 – still cheap either way. We would like to have gardens and fruit trees, as well as goats, chickens and fish. I also intend to grown and make my own herbal/natural remedies. We’re looking for land that preferably has it’s own water source such as a lake or river, but if necessary we’ll make a man-made one. We’re also looking to build a school house so I can home-school our son, and any other families looking to do the same are more than welcome! We want to have solar panels, thermal and passive heating, evaporative coolers, rainwater harvesting barrels, aquaponic gardens, solar ovens, etc.

We don’t care if you’re single or have a family or your race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or whatever – we’re open to anyone and anything. So are you interested in getting away from everything – away from the government corruption, away from the societal expectations, off the grid and unplugged from the system? Do you feel the same as we do about building a true community, getting back to the basics, and being able to focus on what truly matters in life? If so, get a hold of me! Let’s make the vision of a thriving life into a reality!!


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45 Responses to “Want to build off-grid community”

  1. tommy

    so butterfly if your still peeking in on this thread, myself and my 2 children are looking to make a move out east from northern Minnesota. been looking at eastern ohio and eastern Kentucky. was curious on how all the community building worked out. are you kids documenting this online somewhere? would love to learn more. thomasinmn at yahoo dot com

  2. Ronald Shepherd

    I will be having my off-grid community and here in the next couple of years. I am in school right now learning about construction and Sustainable Building science. I am still in the infant stages of establishing what is important to me ( in all things involved in Off-grid) as the people involve have to be cohesive. I am a strong christian and so I have strong criteria of what will work for my dreams. One of the biggest things that is non negotiable is Saturday Sabbath as I am a Seventh Dad Adventist. Parents must be married and not just dating; single parents are acceptable as I am a single parent. One of my goals is to set up strong family values surrounded God and His creation.

    I am looking for land somewhere either in Washington, Oregon or Idaho away from the influence of government and its people. Please contact me through email if you wish to become a part of a community that is centered around God and a loving community of loving and like minded people that will live as co-op with Gods creation. It will benefit you better if you know of some skill that will aid in the establishment of the community but not necessary. all yo need is a strong desire to live a life of freedom. We can learn as we go.


  3. Greg

    Hi my name is Greg. 28 turning 29 next month. Ex Navy seabee and i want to go off the grid in Western Maryland. I live in Columbia South Carolina at the moment but i am saving up to move to Western maryland. Mainly looking at the Cumberland, Frostburg, and Oldtown areas. I want to do a 408 sq ft cabin/tiny house with basement foundation. So technically it will be 816sq ft but i plan to make the basement storage and utilities. I also want to build a 2 bay garage for my automotive hobby and a workshop space. I love Classic and old vehicles. Heck i love almost anything old. (Really want to restore a antique fridge for my antique cabin. I love cooking (NOT SOMETHING FROM A BOX!), music, writing, cats, and gaming. Found this and thought i would post something and introduce myself. I want to interact with more people into off the grid living and see maybe if there is someone who might be interested in going off the grid in Western Maryland or want to talk off the grid tech ideas or using old tech to help go off the grid. Can contact me at adon214@yahoo.com

  4. Catalina

    Hello, Im looking to go off grid as well. Id rather go to a already established community since I also have a son. I’ve had my far share of horrors this past year and I decided to pursue this dream that I didnt think possible till recently. I live currently in Centralia Wa but wouldnt mind moving. I know how to build shelters and how to garden like no other. Email me please, Im serious about this. I check my email all the time.

  5. sari

    Count me in …. have lots to offer ….. central washington …. email contact perfectpeace75@gmail.com
    Thank you

  6. Leah

    I am looking for/ to build an off grid community as well! I need to keep it on the west side of wa state. I have three children. I am small but strong and stubborn! Lol. Please email leeuhhh82@gmail.com if any of you are serious about this!

  7. leo,

    I am all for living off the grid. I have had many of moments and experiances all over the place.from Arizona,to Angola. Would love to form part of your community . I feel like I would be a great asset to the community for I have and posses very good qualities for self reliance living.

  8. the blazingtons

    My girl friend and I have been talking about getting into a off grid community for some time now. She is 19 and I am 24. We are so tired of the constant struggle of the big businesses and the lack of personal interest involved. We currently live in Michigan, but are thinking of moving to Washington, Oregon or even northern Colorado. Canada could be nice as well.
    We are both agricultural engineers, and have experience recycling to build structures and gardening. Both well educated and Eger to move on to this new stage in our lives.
    So if anyone has room or would like a hand building a community, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Thanks, peace and love.

  9. rohn

    Hello all…

    I’m in Washington state (lewis county). I made the move off grid several years ago. I 45yo, a former construction manager who became tired of the rat race. My approach was to buy 20 acres and start a small farm and teaching center. I have several small cabins I built from reclaimed material, rely on solar, have many other off grid structures and amenities I have put in place.

    I’m at that stage where things have gone well, I’ve managed to stay on the good side of the county and make some money from what I grow and sell.

    I am ready however to bring in one or two more people to come live on site who share a similar vision, and who would be interested in becoming a partner in this venture. I’m not married and ideally having a wife or girlfriend who gets this life and wants to live a self sufficient life would be great to work together building the place up and sharing in the expenses (permits, equipment, materials, etc. but I have to be realistic and bring in an actual partner or two. My hope is to connect with like minded individuals who will be interested in coming into what I have started and growing it together. The outdoor living workshops, summer rentals, the food/farming program, and the farm stand/ store. If interested and you want to know more, email me at rohnpd@gmail.com. I’m getting ready for my third planting season and hope this is the year I am able to find others who want to join in and work together.

  10. cwbyscorpio

    I’m single 43 years old disabled vet looking to live off grid with my two dogs in a friend. I have taken a class to learn how to build a log cabin.I’m a jack of all trades I have worked in carpentry Electrical siding and roofing.looking for same minded people that want to live off the grid. Would appreciate help with doing this. I am looking to move back to Washington State from Indiana. Fixing my truck right now so that I can drive back. My email is vettech70@gmail.com or my cell is 765-271-0759. Thank you and God Bless.

  11. cwbyscorpio

    I am a disabled vet with skills of carpentry roofing siding I know how to build a log cabin in Monroe Washington live in Indiana right now trying to move back to Washington State 12 live off grid I am single 43 years old I have a friend that says older little older me that’s a female we are wanting to live off grid been looking online for ideas how to do stuff don’t know the rules and regulations on Washington State or in Montana any help will be greatly appreciated my email is vettech70@gmail.com

  12. Michelle

    I’m so glad to have come across this! I’m in Washington state and would love to join a off grid community too! Or start another one I know of many acres for sale (but can’t afford at alone) Since the original post is a few year ago just wondering if anything came of it? I’m a single mother of 2 and need to help to get out of the rat race. I work hard but to have nothing left at the end of the month is just sad. Well if people are still looking Im interested. chelle.coleman25 at yahoo.com

  13. ashley

    I have been interested in this life style for a very long time now and ready to make it a reality. I have two children 3 and 7 and I have knowledge of gardening, scratch cooking including a variety of breads along with knowledge of herbal medicines and natural healing. I am looking to relocate to an off grid community in washington and am hard working and driven. I am willing to do what means nesscary to contribute to this dream of mine and anyone else liked minded set in the same goal direction. Please contact me at ashley.bonomo88@gmail.com and let me know how together we can make this dream a reality. Together we can bring this dream into fruition. There is much support to make this happen

  14. Garrett

    Let’s do it me and the dog are ready to go off the grid but how much will this take?

  15. Melanie

    I am interested to speaking to you further about this endeavor. My husband, children and myself live about 25-30 miles west of you in NE Ohio.

  16. ghia

    @julian ,
    been looking for like minded people around Philippines.
    send me an email

    goodluck everyone :)

  17. Crystal

    Would love more information could you email me? A family of 4 here husband wife and two kids

  18. Chloe

    Hi all! My husband and I have been talking and are very interested in being self sustainable/off grid. We live in Maryland and would be able to move to nearby states. It would be wonderful to move into a community that has been established but starting our own would be great too :) We are 24/26/2 and hopefully lots more kiddos to come :) My e mail is lcchrt at gmail

  19. Jason

    Hello, I came across this article and I’ve been trying to find an off grid community in Washington for some time now. I don’t know much about anything. But I am interested in learning. Always wanted to pursue natural medicine. I would love to talk more in email so please email me when you have a chance.

  20. T&T

    My partner and I want to connect with people interested in building an intentional off-the-grid community in WA state or the ID panhandle. Everyone should be able to afford to live in a home of their own, without committing to 30years of a bank mortgage. We are interested in sharing knowledge, ideas, skills, learning the rules/laws. etc. Please contact us at uniknow@gmail.com

  21. mona

    i am interested in becoming a member off grid community or help to start one in Washington state.

  22. AJ

    If ur still looking, please let me know, i think my bf and i would make great additions to ur community. Please email me if u are and i will be more than happy to talk to u via phone or in person. ajay19severino@yahoo.com

  23. rleefireman

    My wife and I are looking for a small community. We are hard workers. This will be new to us but we hope to make new friends

  24. Carrie R

    Hi!! I would love to speak with you regarding living off the grid and building with earthbags. I am a single mother of three. My son is a strong big 16 year old, my daughters 17 and 11 who are very artistic. My dad lives with me. He is disabled but he has built houses, dug wells, worked with solar energy, farmed, and raised lifestock. He has lived off grid in the mountains of VA before and although he can not do the work himself, he is an excellent source of information. I am a very strong worker with skills including medical, cooking from scratch, research skills, farming, storing of vegetables, raising livestock, intelligent, home schooling…etc. We are willing to relocate preferably to the south with warmer weather and would love to speak with people that would like to live this ways as well. My son is a great hunter and my dad is a great fisherman as well. Thanks!

  25. Josh M.

    I have always want to live “off the grid” black powder rifle and a good knife is all I would need. I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods. My family was very poor and we lived in the woods for years in a tent.(I thought.we just camped a lot) lol but I live in NW Idaho. I hunt and fish every chance I get but now with a wife and 3 children I have a hard time beleving my wife would want to leave the “city” (5,000) pop. But I can dream.

  26. Connie

    I believe interdependent communities are going to be a necessity in the near future. Putting together these type of communities now has got to happen. I don’t often act on something as serious as this unless I’m sure there is something important happening. I am a highly skilled problem solver and have many homespun skills such as crochet, wood finishing, cooking from scratch, cleaning and organization, web development, general pc skills, previous jobs in emergency services and administrative assistant. I can find multiple uses for common items. I have been described as being both left and right brained. I was abused as a child and married a psychopath who systematically dismantled my life. These things have made me quite socially isolated. However, I know I’m a good and kind person who can be quite funny at times. I absolutely love children and believe they are precious and “blameless”….it is the treatment of children in our world today that has really prompted me to dig deeper into what is really going on in our society today. I’m really interested in finding out more about off the grid living, hopefully in small interdependent communities. I live in upstate NY near Binghamton, NY. If there is anyone that lives in this area and feel these communities are necessary and eminent, please email me: ccriscitello@gmail.com

  27. rebecca

    Am trying to learn about this kind of life. Interested in all information available. Rebecca, s c o l a r i @netzero. C o m

  28. tim

    any one in WA please contact me. trying to pursue these goals on my own is defeating me, and I need to reach out. anyone down to at least start a conversation please e mail me :cittasati@gmail.com

  29. tim

    any one in WA please contact me. trying to pursue these goals on my own is defeating me, and I need to reach out. I would down to at least start a conversation please e mail me :cittasati@gmail.com

  30. gayle

    hi vanessa live in youngstown, new to all this. i have begun the process of preparing. wanting to learn more and talk with people with same ideas. you can contact me if you like through email to talk more. and finding other people to learn and share with – gmhilton715@gmail.com – thanks

  31. Sean

    Hi there! I am very much interested in your community. Have played the game long enough and now want to join other like-minded people that want to live, as opposed to merely existing. My skills include medical, carpentry, basic repairs, safety, art, and general labor. Please contact me so we can chat/talk more. Seanballardo@hotmail.com.

  32. Ted

    My husband and I are moving to Eastern Washington in July. We are looking for a community that is off grid! no luck yet.

  33. Lauren

    I would love to join you guys. I love Angelia’s idea of an off the grid community. We are in Maryland. Its my wife and I and she is expecting early next year. I would be interested in your ideas of how we would gain some income in this “New ” community.

  34. Angelia

    Hello. I’m interested in starting or being a part an off the grid community in Washington state, possibly other locations down the line. It would be great to have a big diverse community of people interested in the same concept. Most of these communities seem relatively small and limited in many ways but why not something more like an off the grid city? Is anyone interested in making this happen? It only takes a few people to come together to get something started- others will follow.

  35. julian

    I can leave of grid with few tools that can fit on a backpack. But that’s not what I want. I want a community. I shall build one if I can’t find an existing to join in. I’m from the Philippines but even though I can’t join you I might be able to help with some ideas.

  36. aaron

    It sounds like you and your husband have a great set of skills between the two of you, and are very passionate/serious about this. I would love to talk with you guys more on this topic, maybe even meet up (I only live a few miles north of you). Although I have a great desire to live “off the grid”, I have VERY limited skills in this area, and I need to learn as much as I can from others that are willing to share their knowledge. You can contact me via e-mail, hope to hear from you, and thanks for posting!

  37. Candace

    Vanessa and Mitch I live in N.W. Arkansas near the Little Buffalo River. Remote and wild crafting is excellent. Possibilities are great. Peace

  38. Candace

    Vanessa and Mitch I may have what you’re looking for. Would like to correspond. I live in N.W. Arkansas near the Little Buffalo River. It’s remote and wild crafting is excellent. Possibilities are great. Peace

  39. Richard

    I have started a off grid community in florida, But I am only looking for a female who love the country and woods to help me continue to develop this community. If you know of anyone who would be interested please let them know. a fe male between thw age of 25 to 45 would be nice and in good health and character. please e-mail me with picture at flspringhouse@yahoo.com, thank you for your post.

  40. vanessa

    I am 26 with a 20month old baby girl. Her father(39) and I have decided to put in our notice on our apartment in austin and move to my dad’s 15acer, undeveloped woods about 30min outside town. I’m interested in chatting, networking, and possibly building a close nit community with you guys since it seems like we are in the same boat… please email me. vpoirier86 at earthlink.net

  41. vanessa

    I am 26 with a 20month old baby girl. Her father(39) and I have decided to put in our notice on our apartment in austin and move to my dad’s 15acer, undeveloped woods about 30min outside town. I’m interested in chatting, networking, and possibly building a close nit community with you guys since it seems like we are in the same boat… please email me.

  42. calvin wyatt

    Hi my name is calvin wyatt and have been wantto live off the gird and during my search I came across this page and would love to live in the woods if there is anyone that can give adive or maybe have a community I would very mich appreciate it I currently live in florida but will relocate for the cause.I can be reached at calvinwyatt2@gmail.com

  43. Enigmatica

    We live on an off-grid smallholding about 5 miles away from you. Would be pleased to make contact.

  44. nate

    I am interested but would rather speak via email, phone or some form of personal communication regarding my skill sets and my personality.

    You can reach me through my email for first contact: nate at sproutable dot org