Hello we are considering purchase of 25 acres far more land then we really need in hopes of having others join us to pool our resources together to completely build our own homes.  Ideally looking for one or two couples to share the land and contribute labor task such as building structures along with gardening, cooking, laundry, etc.  None of this will be possible without money so we would expect fair and equal investment into the shared resources and we respect you will want to purchase your own things for your portion of the land.  We would like to see each couple inherit no less then 3 acres and no more then 5 acres for their own use.  The property will have to be evaluated to ensure we maintain 10 acres of shared access into the property along with some shared space for animals and buildings shared by the small community.  Of course we don’t want to make sole decisions so we would like any and all parties to be ready to begin this project at the same time or as close as possible.  We are really only in need of one solid couple with experience in hunting and raising animals but we think it would be best that we had 2 couples to help the process along and after all there should be plenty of room to make three very comfortable homesteads.  Eventually after the property is paid off in 5 – 10 years we would like to see each couple get a deed to their share of the land.  Yes we would subdivide and hand you a deed of your very own so you may pass it down to your children or sell it or whatever you want to do with it.  Please feel free to contact me we really need to get moving on the purchase before it is gone.  You will need to sign a legal contract with us if you should consider to join us and if you violate the contract you will lose all rights to your share of the homestead community.  We will try to be flexible as possible in the event of illness or loss of income, however, it is not fair for 2 of us to pull the weight while 3 reap the benefits, so we ask that you consider this before signing the contract.

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Details:  500 down and 150 month are all it takes to enter the contract.

All 3 parties will be responsible for this initial down payment and first months payment.  After that you will only need 150 a month to hold your share.  Group investments such as improving access road, or purchase of shared tools, equipment, shared well or whatever else that will be considered shared use.  You are free to invest into your own portion of the property however you may wish so long as you are able to meet the 150 monthly land cost.  


I can answer any questions you might have feel free to contact me:

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One Response to “Want to share 25 acres in Missouri”

  1. daniel

    I am a 36 year old single male
    I receive a Pension from the VA
    am Ex Military


    Please let me know if you are interested…