Greetings from Northern California!  I have realized recently in the past few years that I am tired of the rat race and the low quality of life that working a 8-5 provides.  I am wanting more.  I grew up in Upstate, NY on 5 acres with horses, chickens, sheep, goats, and dogs – it was heaven.  I have been researching and semi obsessed with off the grid living for a few years now- I am not sure where to even begin, but the lifestyle concept fascinates me.  Ideal place would have animals, greenhouse/garden, with some acreage.  I am currently solo and open to meeting a like minded male who is in his late 20’s- mid 40’s to explore the possibilities with.  


I look forward to hearing from you!

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4 Responses to “I Want A New Way Of Living”

  1. Wolf Mountain

    Hello LauraO
    We are a family with small children living on 30 acres in the forest of Trinity County.
    We are into the organic lifestyle and have a tiny home available.
    We are quite a ways off the beaten path, but if solitude and nature is what you crave, we have lot’s of that!
    We have a tiny home available soon. It is a single room studio, with plenty of fresh clean water and off grid power.
    We are located at 3200ft elevation 2.5 hours from Arcata, and 2 hours from Redding. Willowcreek and Weaverville just an hour away. We get snow in the winter, but lot’s of sunshine in the summer.
    We have 2 dogs, some chicks and will soon be welcoming some pigs and/or sheep .
    We would like to offer our space up in exchange for rent, but are open to partial trade for some help around the homestead. If this at all interests you, feel free to contact us.

  2. Looking4Achange

    Hello, I too am interested in living off grid. I am 29 year old male from southern California currently a student in University of Phoenix. I am tired of the city life I always hated it, I have been wanting to go off grid somewhere peaceful for many years. As soon as i finish this last class I am in I plan to take off backpacking until I find a place I may want to settle. Anyone who wants to join me is more than welcome. here is my email.

  3. Jessica Byrnes

    I have just listed my 100% off-grid property in SW Colorado. 12 hour drive from the LA area. 80 acres and a home made of 5 semi-buried shipping containers with post-and-beam out front. Let me know if any interest. Great solar system and no bills. $350 annual property taxes and no building restrictions. Jessica Byrnes

    • MO70

      Where may I view the listing? I could be very interested if affordable.