I am a middle aged woman and full-time student with 2 dogs, looking for a chance to move out of town and get back to my rural roots.   I am currently studying Environmental Science and hope to expand my education into the direction of Sustainability or another related and interdisciplinary direction.  I prefer to be in Story County, Iowa, near Ames, as I plan to attend ISU for graduate studies.  I am tired of town, tired of leash laws, tired of high living expenses, tired of an inefficient home and really tired of not being able to see the stars at night.  I can’t afford to buy a decent sized piece of land but would love a small space to put a small, temporary off-grid home, perhaps rent a small patch from a like-minded landowner.  I would like to join, or help to plan and build an off grid Eco-village or permaculture community, or help out on an organic farm.  I think it would be really cool to get academic funding to establish a place where students could live or work and learn. I would love to work with a multicultural or multiracial group of people.    I have farming and gardening experience, surveying experience, some construction skills, some planning and land use knowledge.   I can cook.  I am a hard worker, however, not as physically able as I used to be, so it would be good to team up with some able, young people.  I have my faith but I am not looking for religious fanatics or separatists.  I have my political views but I am not looking for extremists.  I am all for supporting a movement but prefer to do so through education.  I would love to make new friends, but I am not looking for a husband.  If you have any questions for me you can reply on here  Thanks!

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