I am a middle aged woman and full-time student with 2 dogs, looking for a chance to move out of town and get back to my rural roots.   I am currently studying Environmental Science and hope to expand my education into the direction of Sustainability or another related and interdisciplinary direction.  I prefer to be in Story County, Iowa, near Ames, as I plan to attend ISU for graduate studies.  I am tired of town, tired of leash laws, tired of high living expenses, tired of an inefficient home and really tired of not being able to see the stars at night.  I can’t afford to buy a decent sized piece of land but would love a small space to put a small, temporary off-grid home, perhaps rent a small patch from a like-minded landowner.  I would like to join, or help to plan and build an off grid Eco-village or permaculture community, or help out on an organic farm.  I think it would be really cool to get academic funding to establish a place where students could live or work and learn. I would love to work with a multicultural or multiracial group of people.    I have farming and gardening experience, surveying experience, some construction skills, some planning and land use knowledge.   I can cook.  I am a hard worker, however, not as physically able as I used to be, so it would be good to team up with some able, young people.  I have my faith but I am not looking for religious fanatics or separatists.  I have my political views but I am not looking for extremists.  I am all for supporting a movement but prefer to do so through education.  I would love to make new friends, but I am not looking for a husband.  If you have any questions for me you can reply on here  Thanks!

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6 Responses to “Want to live off-grid or in an Eco-village”

  1. MDuffer

    Hello, my name is Michael, I am 39, and my wife, Cheryl, and our 3 children are looking for an off the grid community here in Iowa to stay close to family. Would love some more information or insight into how to start our own off the grid community or join an existing one.

  2. dmblackstock

    I noticed that your email address did not come through in your message. Mine didn’t either. It must be something having to do with the website rules. But if you want to talk more, we can always message on here, for now.

  3. dmblackstock

    Hi Jodi,
    I love your opening sentence! I like cheeseburgers too, with bacon! At this point in life, I am aiming to stay in Iowa, because my two daughters live nearby and I also have two grandchildren. But if that changes, I will let you know. I think we might get along well with each other. :) If you get things set up, I would love to come down and see you and see how you set things up. I think we can always learn from each other – plus I have never been to Arizona before! Thanks for posting!

  4. dmblackstock

    It sounds like you and I have a lot of similar goals. I am currently looking at some land that I have got my heart set on. If I am able to work something out with the landowner, I will certainly let you know. I think you would be a good guy to have around! What are your thoughts on growing food? Any interest there? Thanks for the post.

  5. Keith Akers

    I’m looking to help establish an off-grid community or join an already existing one. My name is Keith I’m a hard worker and single 28 year old man, no children. I’ve built barges, ran various types of cranes and other heavy equipment. I’ve also worked on and built wind turbine generators but I am not an expert. I’m trapped in the system and looking for a way out, I want to be a part of the system but on my own terms, I want to source my own water, grow my own food and produce my own electricity. As long as I have a roof over my head, food and water and some good company I’m happy. If I sound like I would be a good fit for your community or project please let me know at

  6. Jodi Wright

    I am not extremist,would love to be a vegan but like cheeseburgers. I am a full time student in Ohio. I am taking care of my mom. I found some land on the Internet in Arizona in a rural area I just turned 50 in April. I want to put up housing at least 3 homes and a couple of garages. It is BFE. I do not know Arizona that well. I have a dog and 3 kitties. I am going to try to move out there sometime 2017 in September. If I can get stuff set up you can stay in one of the houses if you want.