I am currently a college student, but have been wanting to go off-grid for the past year or so. I’m concerned student debt might get in the way, and don’t want it to be something that ties me to society for the next ten years plus. I love the outdoors, but need someone to teach me the necessary skills to live off grid. I’m a hard worker and very easy to get along with. It would be great to live a more simple and natural life, the way nature intended. I just hate seeing how people are hurting the earth and don’t want to be a part of it anymore. I’d love to share this new life with likeminded people. 

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13 Responses to “Want to live more naturally”

  1. Eilish McVey


    My name is Eilish, and I am a masters student studying design strategy in Toronto Canada. I am currently working on a project surrounding home energy storage.

    I was wondering if there would ever be a time that we could chat about your interest and experience in off grid living. I am currently in the research phase of the project and I am gathering insight on how those interested in living off grid think about energy use.


    • Cade Johnson

      I live off-grid in the Dominican Republic. I have 2kW of solar panels and 24V x 1000 A-hours of lead-acid battery bank and 32000 gallons of cistern water storage. Energy use: we supplement with propane for cooking and water-heating, but that is a shame since we are in the tropics. So even though it is not very cost-effective, we also have a solar water heater. We still drive around in a diesel pickup. So, not really THAT off-grid I guess. Being a little off-grid makes you aware how much farther there is to go.

  2. Zane1998

    Hey, college student here from Nashville, you can contact me @ retrozane1998@gmail.com. I’m no stranger to hard work, and I️ actually prefer good manual labor, I’ve had experience down in Ecuador doing hard manual Labour, although I’m no expert at farming by any means. Would be interested in getting a small group together to join me in living off grid.

  3. Alana

    We live in N. CA and have been hosting interns for roughly 8 years. We teach off-grid living with a focus on gardening, hyrdoelectrics and construction (both conventional and non-conventional–think straw bale, cob, etc). It’s a small family homestead that raises it’s own food and is entirely off-grid/remote. If you’d like more information you can contact me at drawsoutsidethelines@yahoo.com

  4. beast

    what part of the country are you in?
    northern lower michigan here, always willing to teach what i know and share what i have
    my kids and grandkids are millennials and yuppys, want no part in it mostly
    too busy playing video games and pleasing themselves to do honest work…lol

    • Noor

      I’m located in New York and am interested in this lifestyle as well, particularly in being self-sufficient. What kind of lifestyle do you live?

      • beast

        when im at home i am as self-sufficient as i can get away with
        and before christmas i was off grid, but had a death in family
        and havent been home in over a month
        so not sure what shape my stuff is in right now
        i believe i real simplicity for the most part
        i grew up rustic and still do most things that way
        im a blacksmith and carpenter, iv done coopering and cobbling
        built sleds and wagons and carriages
        used to drive a team to haul them
        not as young and healthy now, cant do it all like that but i go as close as i can

        • shawnna

          BEAST….iam so interested in someone teaching the things they know, im 43yrs old, i was widowed over 15 yrs ago, we had planned a life off grid which didnt happen…..all these years later i still desire the life of offgrid, society has a way of sucking you in an iam ready to leave it. i want a simple life, im a hardwoker, i learn fast, i get along well an love life, most important iam willing. i want to meet people who are like minded contact me…fiercelee7@gmail.com

  5. SuperDan71

    You don’t have to move off-grid to live off-grid !!!. You can start living the Off-grid lifestyle right where you are now !!. Simply cut off your power, Start living as SIMPLE as possible now, Pretend you’re off-grid and live like you really are !!. It will be tough in a Apartment setting but you can do it. Solar panels in the windows, Pack in your own water, Just do whatever you’d do off-grid !!!. We live in the Ocala National Forest and we’re off-grid except for electricity, And getting our solar system set up to use now. Only thing I’m dreading loosing is my A/C. But working myself up to it. . Off-grid isn’t easy, And Unless you have lots of money to build a HUGE Auxiliary power system, You’ll have to give up some stuff. But knowing that you can live without depending on ANYONE is a Great Feeling.

    • beast

      honestly, i think the easiest way for most to change over would be to start by weaning themselves off power
      turn off as many things as you can, try living without them, youd be amazed how fast some of you will want to quit. try doing your wash by hand, leaving the lights off, see how hard it is to keep food while your fridge is shut off. ultimately you may not live that simplistically but its a good way to see how much you can take and it will let you know honestly if youre cut out for the full blown simple life

  6. CallieDel

    I have been spending the last five years learning some tools to live off the grid. Also looking for like-minded people. My latest “Final-prepper” email suggested if you haven’t gotten off the grid by now prepare to hunker down however I believe this can be more dangerous than living off the grid. I have supplies, mainly medical and some food. Working on upping a water supply because although it may sound easy finding fresh water in America will be hard, especially with the chemtrails. I am still looking for people who are of like mind, we can pool our resources and research a place to go and it’s quite possible I may know of a place from the University that just bought land in the USA. The owner I have worked for seven years and we still keep in touch so I’d have to contact him. If you are interested, strong, as I am a bit older yet was raised in the days when camping on the land was the way and I haven’t forgotten. Currently working on quitting smoking because going off the grid means relying on almost everything one has depended on must be left behind. This includes prescriptions, bad habits and a real belief that God will provide.


    • beast

      you can still smoke elizabeth, try mulien and hay chaff, both quite easy to find
      especially since mullien grows wild all over

  7. Walt

    I can do that or make that happen