[before_listing images= youtube=null] Looking to learn more about off grid living and possibly start an off grid living community.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Want to live off grid in Colorado”

  1. sherilorraine

    I live in Ft Collins Colorado and I want to learn how to live off the grid

  2. Erika

    With the imminent downfall the US is in I am DYING to get my family off grid ASAP! I am looking for 2 or 3 other family’s who are also prepping and want to go off grid in SW Colorado. Maybe to create a homestead or a type of commune growing/hunting our own food, using solar power ect. Land here is fairly cheap and we have many skills, just need a few other family’s that desire the same outcome. We are a family of 5, 3 between the ages of 10-13. You can email me at erikaan2@yahoo.com

  3. james dean

    15K for solar! Wow i spent 650 bucks total and have no complaints. Guess it depends on how spoiled you need to be. I dont use a microwave i make toast on the stove and heat my place with wood. But i also run my hd tv two smartphones a laptop and some power tools on a sunny day. Simply and save find the right mix of tech and old school and it gets way cheaper.

  4. Snoshoe

    Be very careful who you get involved with. This is still going on through the courts: https://www.off-grid.net/?s=a+word+of+warning

  5. Davis

    Its easy, but not cheap. I am helping a neighbor upgrade his solar system to match his lifestyle and take advantage of today’s low solar panel costs.
    We’re installing a 3kw system from ground up. cost, ex-labor and trips to town, about 15k

    I’ve been off grid for 10 yr.

  6. Cecilia

    I’m studying Bushcraft, am also wanting to live off grid. Want my family off grid, saw your post. My stepson lives off grid in Seattle so I know it can be done, would like to meet/network with those with similar interest, exchange knowledge, support and work towards goal.

  7. Bill Lockwood

    would love to take my family and live off the grid