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Hello there,

My husband & I are looking for woods/Land to buy and live off grid.

We need like minded people who are interested in doing the same. As woods/land is too big and expensive. We want an Arce or 2 no more for ourselves, and others can choose how much they would want,  so the more people involved the cheaper it gets.

We are currently living in Wiltshire and because of work commitments we will need to stay in the following areas, Wiltshire, Gloustershire, Hampshire, Somerset & certain areas of Berkshire & Dorset.

Any questions are welcome!!

Thanks Sam & Pete.

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7 Responses to “Want like minded people to buy Woods/land & live off grid…!”

  1. Donna Shawe

    Hi there I hope you and your family are good 👍 I’m awaiting a divorce settlement and have always wanted to own my own piece of woodland to grow my own food and rear my goats and chickens along wih my 3 dogs and cat. I just want to either be able to put up an eco log cabin or tiny house on wheels so I’d live to hear back from you!
    Peace & love ❤️ Donna

  2. Mike Richards

    I am very interested. Get back to me ASAP please! Call or text anytime 813 601 2664. Prefer the phone over email… but either works. Thanks.

  3. Cheri King

    Hi Sam and Pete
    Hope you are faring well. I am very much interested and would like to discuss. I sent a message a minute ago but it failed and I did not copy it. Please make contact to discuss further.

  4. tam

    hello. i have also been looking for the same thing! currently live in london . perhaps we could have a chat and see if we can somehow get this to work?

  5. tam

    trued to reply and get in touch but msg wont send at all even though all fields were completed!

  6. Daniel Timothy Tayler

    Hi im looking for off grid land 8 acres woodland for forest work small holding bees water harvesting and solar power can anyone help
    Regards Daniel

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