lets do it

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9 Responses to “I want to go offgrid”

  1. Artificer

    I am looking at 74.73 ha land with a waterfall in Tasmania the price is $200,000 but I need to get a loan so I want to share it to get help paying off the loan once it is paid off the land will be free to the ones helped me pay the loan off

  2. Lidwine

    Hi all, has anyone on this forum moved forward with their plans on changing life and being off grid?
    My partner and I are putting together a plan to build an off grid earth bag home in north NSW. We haven’t got the land yet. Anyone has done it in Australia and particularly in NSW, and would share some of their experience with permits or general tips perhaps? Many thanks.

  3. Brooke Englebrecht

    I have been very interested in this for a few years now. My fiance and I would love to start when we actually get a plan together, I don’t know where to start.

  4. dmblackstock

    I am interested in developing an eco-village, basically off-grid and self-sustaining. I do not own land, but everything I have read says you need to start with like-minded people. Do you have any preferences on where you live? I am in the midwest. If you would like to talk about it you can email me at (donna.m.blackstock@gmail.com). Thanks!

  5. Megan Burdett

    If you would like to chat, I’d be all for it, give me a shout.

  6. cameron yoakem

    So ive been really interested in the whole thought of living off the grid and getting away from all the bullshit our government makes us do. I and my girlfriend have been trying to figure a way to make this a possibility and while im here at work i stumbled across this site and have been watching videos of others that have actually been able to do this, Im not trained in something specific and im younger so im not well off enough to buy alot but i am a fast learner. I am great at troubleshooting basically anything and im capable to help with any situation, i wanna learn more about how i can make this a reality and i can finally get away from the corruption!

  7. Charlotte

    me and a friend want to go off grid! I am currently jobless and without study. I want to decrease my environmental negative footprints and have a better more natural life experience

  8. Tyler James Pincock

    I and my family are fighting to survive and get out of the rat race. We currently have 8 children and live on just about any kind of assistance you can think of; Section 8 housing, foodstamps, WIC, Medicaid, etc. I work hard when I believe in something, and working for “the man” is something that I have NEVER believed in. I believe in true liberty or death.

    I am somewhat skilled with woodworking (I have built an cedar cabinet for blankets, a clock, a game table, bunk beds, and many other things), I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology (I have worked with children and adults alike to teach them resourcefulness and skills to manage and cope with their trials), and I am a licensed massage therapist (Currently working for Wight Chiropractic in Idaho Falls, Idaho).

    I have a strong aptitude for learning, and I enjoy a healthy debate, free from contention, with everyone seeking to learn and develop—not demanding that your position is the only correct one. I am SO tired of the regulation nation and the bickering and infighting and politics and the threat of marshal law. I just want to raise my family in peace and teach them to have a good work ethic and not give in to oppression.

    I want OUT! OFF THE GRID!!!

  9. Rob Dub

    I live in Europe, looking to meet people who are off grid life. Ready to go.