I have been planning to go off grid for sometime and now that I have an income through a Pension, I am that much closer as I can now afford to acquire the things I need as I go along…
I do not want to do it alone, and do not have any place set in stone, anywhere is fine…
In the case that someone would want to, I do have permission to live on a large 27 acre area if need be… I just need a partner of sorts to make this work…
contact me at

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10 Responses to “Want to go off-grid ASAP, but not alone…!”

  1. Trish

    I dream of living off grid, Im on a penison myself 52 years old I’m always looking on youtube on ideas and reading. etc on how to live free to nature, please tell me more about the way you live , what your gowing and how it has impacted on your life also how long you have lived this lifestye. Hear from you.

  2. beast brown

    i have room for one person to live and learn while i build my solar cabin this summer
    i am a 59 year old former us marine that grew up off-grid and have recently returned to it
    have 10 acres of my own out in the sticks in northern lower michigan

    • Shawnna ruth Hood

      iam 43 yrs old hardworking easy to get along with an willing to learn, i love life im optimistic, i have not had the resources to be able to move an live the way i desire to live but would be willing to work side by side , learn the ins and out, i follow directions well, not scared to get dirty, an for a girl im pretty tough…lol, looking to find a partner who would be willing to show me the ropes an enjoy life with……NO….drama…..NO……baggage..

  3. CallieDel

    My brother and I are interested in living off the land, we are both able to work hard, I have been gathering supplies for about 3 years now. I suspect he has quite a collection too. We can both work hard and I do have basic medical experience. We are looking for like-minded people having been raised near Amish country we observed and learned a lot. Scott does make a good point and there is some likely-hood we may even have more funding in the near fuure aside from our savings. We are skilled campers and have other useful talents.

    I think Scott makes a good point. Things need to be well defined.

    Very Interested.

  4. Jack ridlington

    Hello there nice to see people are still at it! I lived off grid on a bus as part of a group for just over two years, as low impact and self sustaining as possible. I’ve worked as a welder in dockyards through winter whilst living in said dockyards and so have some mechanical experience, I’m also good with alternative energy solutions, I’m by no means a brain box nor pure Braun (more the first), but I’m capable. I lack funding! For the past year I’ve been living the life of a nomadic hermit really as I can’t afford to purchase land. However as soon as someone with land is found I make a good worker and builder requiring no pay, just a love of the life and a need to be out in the country
    I’m only 23 but not quite typical, definitely not problematic :)

    • Anainoa

      I am only 21.. Where in the country are you?
      I dont know much but will love to live with a group.
      I crochet. Fast learner when hands on and a very hard worker thats about it but i am very entusiastic and really wanna make it.
      I am also in debt but its small and i am sure qith some self employment i can pay it havent fjnd any though

  5. Jo

    Im interested in east tennessee. Lemme know. Asap works for me. Side by side properties might be good just not alone unless nothin else works.

  6. Linda

    I think you have the right idea. I have been wanting to go off grid / self sustaining farm for some time.
    However trying to get my own place found that my desires did not stay the same as the days I went property shopping. If I had spent a few months on someone else’s place then I think my long term goals would have been better defined allowing me not to waist my hard earned money.

    Let me know where you land.

    • Tim

      Hi Linda I saw your post on off-grid. I would like to know more about what you are looking for. Please email me.

  7. Scott

    Don’t do it on someone elses property except as a short term learning process. All your hard work and money could be lost if you loose the right to use the property.
    I know of several people including me who have tried living on friends or families property that at the time sounded good and everyone went into it with good intentions. People die and the kids may not want you there or they need money so sell the property. You end up having to move and years of your life’s work might have to be left behind.
    Find a way to buy property and if you do it with someone have a good legal agreement drawn up spelling out how the property is to be used, what happens if one of you want out