Yearning for some fresh air and off-grid sunshine? Tired of the traffic and congestion? Not afraid to get dirt under your fingernails and venture out into the wild? Wnt to leanr off-grid techniques?  Then continue reading :)

We (myself, husband, young child and one on the way) live completely off-grid in N. CA (Trinity County). Our property is surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of acres of national forest and for several months out of the year we get snowed in (ie: if we need to make contact with the outside world we have to snow shoe out 12+ miles to the nearest plowed road). We are currently looking for interns for late spring through early fall (minimum two week commitment). Meals/snacks are provided. We are self-sufficient, raising/growing our own food, building our own shelter(s), setting up our hydroelectric system, etc. We are listed on the website (stands for world wide opportunity on organic farms) where you can read a detailed description on who were are, our homestead and what we can offer you (and what we expect in return). On that site our location is listed as Broken Snowshoe Ranch. This year one of our main focus is to build a new structure for our interns/guest. Our canvas tents w/ wooden frames collapsed under the extreme amount of snow we received this past winter; unfortunately that means that, until the structure is built, we do not have living quarters for visitors/interns, but we can provide a tent. Building this structure will involve falling trees (ie: using chain saws), milling up the wood, constructing it using various tools/heavy duty machinery and various construction methods (alternative and conventional) etc. This is in addition to our on-going homestead husbandry: gardening (planting, weeding), livestock care, hyrdroelectric maintenance, firewood gathering for next winter, etc.

My husband taught Wilderness Survival at Humboldt State and I spent several years living in Yosemite National Forest and was a wilderness first responder. He’s been living out here for 12 years, me for 7.


This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to get a taste of off-grid lifestyle. Please note that we will primarily be taking folks that are set up with the website (which requires a minimum 5$ fee for a year-long membership). Feel free to Comment me with any questions!

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6 Responses to “Want to gain some experience? Lessons for labor”

  1. Plumber101010

    I would HIGHLY suggest a snowmobile or a major 4×4 (assuming u have roads there but snowed over and not passable) if you have children for emergencies as having to “hike it out” in deep snow with nothing but snow shoes for 12+ miles in what I am guessing is harsh terrain and conditions and then that’s ONLY to a “plowed road” sounds not off grid but off kilter and out of your minds! LOL :)

    You have a vehicle waiting for you 12 miles out at the plowed roads? Doubtful. Guess just wondering what your plan is in case a worker were to get hurt there?

    Wow! Awful risky huh? Just saying that before I would even dream of living off grid anywhere, much less
    a place like that, the minimum requirement for me would be adequate transportation in and out of my homestead if children are involved.

    Even horses would do better than humping it in snowshoes carrying a child maybe.

    What would you do if your kids got hurt and needed immediate attention? Being snowed in is one thing for adults.

    Not having any emergency plan in place for evac of kids is another.

    Perhaps you have 2 way radios and helicopters for such things available from local search and rescue?

    Not trying to be the jerk I probably sound like :) Just actually very very curious!

  2. Dhameer Dean Williams

    I was guided here, pet a fb blog story, & a growing “pull” toward a more meaningful, introspective journey.

  3. Zachandashley

    Hello I was wondering if we could talk over the phone. You can email me at thank you.

  4. trd_h

    Im from Europe. Can I find off-grid people in Europe. I need help with this.

    • Alana

      There are WWOOF hosts worldwide. You can check out the website WWOOF.NET to find a wwoofing location near you wherever you are in the world. I’m sure many of them are off grid as well.

      • TheLen

        Alana you did fail to mention that the website you are mentioning is a paid membership website as this can detour a lot of people who do not want to pay for this kind of information as it could only be informational.