[before_listing id=234 images= youtube=null] I need help sizing and getting stuff set up (just Q & A) – so any help from anywhere could help. Will do stuff in steps. As I learn, I’d love to help others![landbuddy_listing id=234 youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “want freedom from grid”

  1. XeonPeaceMaker

    I dont know if this thread is still active at all. but id be glad to join. unless that is you are already complete. but let me know denningsdementeddemons@gmail.com i have portable generators to power welders, saws, lights, loads of things.

  2. Burn

    Looking for people in Colorado to plan and build an eco-village in the south eastern part of the state. Cheap land. Cob construction mixed with straw bale. Incorporate building methods and aquaponics with alternative energy to build a truly sustainable community of like minded earthlings. Moving to Denver soon to start work in the Wind Farm Industry. Looking for serious people that want to live in alignment with Earth’s needs. Consumerism and materialism is eating away at our planet’s health. We need the planet. The planet does not need us to survive.

  3. TecKnowFreak

    I see u r just not that far from me i have the tec and the know how to get u all off grid for very little unlike most commercial ways that want u to spend thousands my way is u have to do the work yr self but very easy just takes some time and work i live now down by salida send me email @ tecknowfreak@gmail.com with a phone number and times i can call and talk to u i have ways to get lighting and know how to convert electronics to work with DC power not AC so its a direct use from what u make most tho never look into that and thats why they never get anywhere i also have ways to heat and make power unlike anything u can buy just need to build from junk that can be got from all over anyways if u want to get off grid the easy way get ahold of me we can talk my way i have taken ppl with money off grid and with out with under 7k with out i have done it for some trading lol unlike others thats why im still broke lol i dont do stuff to get rich i do it just cuz i can Freak

  4. Patrick

    Found your blog? Not sure what to call it. lol . I too would like to live off grid. I don’t know where you all are as far as info options ect. I recently heard about a company in Athens, Texas that build these SMALL homes. They are leagally rv’s though. They sell for around 20 plus grand. I was thinking of finding a lot, buy one of these 6 inch wall construction ect. And put it on my land. With Solar panels for electricity. Are you all in Leadville, Colorado? My sister wants to live there. She is the one getting me to think off grind and small. Drop me an e and lets share ideas. Thanks Patrick

  5. Joel

    Hey how goes the off-grid research? I’ve just begun my goal to become an off-gridder and escape the consumeristic nightmare called Capitalism so I’m looking to gather people together who are like-minded in our journey to get off the grid and start a self-sufficient community somewhere in CO. I have at least 3 other people (close friends and my g/f) who are with me and we have a group get together every weekend to discuss what we’ve learned, what to do next and how to go about doing it. If you’re interested hit me up sometime!