[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] I buy and sell rural and recreational properties and have been doing it for over 30 years. I currently have land in 12 different Tennessee and Kentucky counties. Most of my properties are in rural unrestricted settings. Properties range in size from 1 to 100+ acres but most are around 5 acres. I offer easy owner financing with 5 acre properties starting at $197 per month. What I’m considering is: partnering with an individual or couple that is interested in LOTG and marketing my properties to other OTG seekers. I don’t consider what I do a job and I definitely don’t consider this a sales job. I show land to people, they fall in love with the land and buy it. I love what I do and enjoy spending my days talking about and showing rural properties. If this would interest you then please tell me a little about yourself and how you might be able to help.[landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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48 Responses to “Help me find people to live on my OTG land.”

  1. Kathy Tomlinson

    Do you still have property available in TN? If so, please email me with more detail as I’m very interested. Thank you

  2. Eric

    Hey I’m an Iraqi freedom veteran of the U.S. army I’m still young only 25 actually. However I’m trying to learn how to find others like minded as myself and I don’t know where to start, I REALLY would ?❤?? love haha to move off the grid with others who are like minded. I get along with literally everyone but I’m a sponge to anything to do with survival or training of anything that helps one live better. I can offer my part as a work horse and more then willing to learn as long as everyone has an equal part in some way. Guys and girls please help me learn how to find others and make this come true. If anyone has any advice or questions for me then please let me know by emailing me at ericdwaynebradley@gmail.com

  3. Jennifer

    My husband and I are interested in buying otg land in Ky. We need at least 5-10 acres. Please contact us asap.

  4. diane

    Still in business of finding off grid places?

  5. Pamela Crick

    Our phone number is (423) 823-2867

  6. Pamela Crick

    We have a 104 acre farm in north east Tennessee for sale. The farm has a small full hook up campground, fishing ponds,a pavilion, 3 homes (one newly built log type home), horse riding trails, horse paddocks and much more. Asking price is $595,000. for all of it. We have equipment that can go with the farm at a separate price. We are located in Greene County, TN. Very close to Interstate 81 off exit 23. Thank you!

  7. don

    Matt, I tried responding to your question about land but your email address is wrong or not letting my mail get to you. In Tennessee we currently have land in the following counties: Morgan, Fentress, Overton, Union, Grainger, Claiborne, Hancock, Hawkins, Campbell. We also have land in KY, VA and AL. Don 517-416-0600.

  8. Matt

    Interested in land for a OTG backup. Contact me please. Curious what areas… Loudon, Monroe, Roane?

  9. Nicole

    I am interested and would like to get to know you more. I am part of a team working to create an organization that links together intentional communities and co-op businesses to share, resources, goods, services and even labor. I have access directly to our main group of over 7,000+(and growing) people interested in starting or joining a pre-existing community and the reach from that group is well over a million people. Would love to work with you and see how we can collaborate!

  10. ben

    hello sir my names Ben and i would like to get a little more info so if you could please e-mail me at b.dover24@ymail.com. Im a 21 yr old male and i represent a small group of ppl who are looking to life a life style of self sustainability. Some of us have already lived an off grid life style and others are just tired of the daily grind of todays modern world. We are 8 adults and 6 children. I believe this could be a great partnership and journey together sir and hope you have time to have a conversation with us and find out a little more about all we have to offer in return.

  11. RT

    How can one be assured that the property you purchase you won’t be forced off by the Agenda 21 coming into play across the Country? The UN wants to remove everyone from suburban and rural areas and herd them into mass metropolitan areas and put people into 500 to 1,000 square foot pack ‘em and stack ‘em units.

  12. Michael Walsh

    In market for min: 5 acres in Tennessee MNT’S. Off grid 100 percent /no zoning/low taxes/4 season creek and or spring/woods with natural meadow.can be off and away from road frontage .Serious intent. Purchase in full early spring or maybe sooner if you can meet all or most of my wish list.unrestricted a must have.email responce

  13. Josh Hickey


    My wife and I are looking for 4+ acres of unrestricted secluded/private land to do full time homesteading on. A wooded lot that allows personal farming, some animals and no restrictions would be best. Near water preferable. We’re looking to buy land in eastern TN/KY as soon as possible. jhickey86@gmail.com


  14. Bruce Conner

    Im retired military looking for at least 5 – 10 acres all wood if possible with year round creek or stream running through it to live off the land looking in the ky area but wont be able to start for another 5 or so years till I get my retirement

  15. Just tired

    Looking to retire in 5 years. Interested in 5 acres, w/timber, water, & pasture. 1/4 mile from the road. with-in an hour of a military medical facility, Structures not important, but would like to employ wind, water, & solar to wean off the grid. Plan on hobby farm to get as close to self sustaining as possible. I would like to open a link on the possibilties you may have or know about.

  16. hrdwrknlife

    it looks like you will have no problem selling the land or land contracting it out… by the list above me. I too am interested in land contract. two adult working income home. just shy of 50k a year. we could afford to pay for a couple acres. and definitely want to be surrounded by individuals off grid.

  17. Don McCoy

    Would like to know more, thanks

  18. Rory

    I am looking for a small parcel of raw land to start off-gridding – in the lower middle tn region (the nearer to i65 the better).

  19. crys

    My family is looking to go off grid asap. I would love more info.

  20. Tori

    We are very interested in this, Want to leave city life, for the opportunity to live OTG to kids and grands. Would like more information. Thank you for your time. Tori

  21. Leavin

    Listings in KY., sorry should have been more specific. Ready now

  22. Leavin

    Where can we see current listings, that may be of interest to our family of 6

  23. Murphy

    I am very very interested in this. I have been trying to go off the grid in tennessee for some time now and have had trouble finding land specifically sold as being for off the grid living. As a matter of a fact this is the first. I am line cook based out of nashville and am looking to buy a plot of land that is around five acres and ideally no more than around sixty miles out from the city. Although if I fell in love with a piece of land I would certainly be willing to consider going further out. I have a decent amount of money saved up to give a good down payment and could easily and sustainably maintain the 200 dollar minimum monthly payment. Ideally I would like to double that in order to pay of the land as soon as possible. I see that you already have alot of responses, but if there are any properties left please get back to me. I can assure you I am very serious about this and will not waste your time.

  24. K.P.

    My husband and I along with another couple are looking to go OTG very soon and would love to get some more information about the properties you have available. We are wanting to be as green as possible. We are planning to use solar & wind and will grow our own food supply. Please contact me at bodyworks.lville@gmail.com Thanks

  25. John

    Hi, My wife and I are searching for a way to get OTG also. It would be great if you could send me some more information about what you have to offer! Thanks!


  26. Diane

    Now retired.Some medical background. Spent appx 1yr in canadian Rockies 40 yrs. ago. Current husband is Fl.farmraised.We cook bbq part time for the love of it and a few bucks. Want to leave land and opportunity to live OTG to kids and grands. Opportunity for selves to help heal earth and enjoy cabin ? tp? geodesicdome? yute? cave? and fishing hole. No Big Bucks here. Send more info please/thanks. D.

  27. Samantha

    My husband works in Ky. We would be interested. We are learning all we can about living off the grid, and plan to start our new lifestyle soon. We plan to sell our current home. Please email information to samantha.pruden@yahoo.com

  28. Somebody Nobody

    I need some land. Don’t have much time to explain as I am currently wage slaving. Would like to save my life and my fiances and some close family/friends from having to wage slave forever chasing money.

    Call me. 919 777 8155

  29. Phil C

    We are looking for land East of Nashville, west of Knoxville In Tennessee.

  30. m

    I would love more information on this. We have wanted to do this for years but had no idea how or where to get started. Our youngest 2 are 15 and 2, the older 2 are 21 and approaching 20.

  31. Bobbie Bently

    Hello and belated Merry Christmas! Im a single mom with one child. we’ve been researching ways to go off grid. We live in GA, id been looking for acreage to purchase, as i am an organic farmer. Self sufficiency is of greater need than a college diploma in this day and time. If you have any opportunitys in the North Aug, SC or Ga areas, please let me know. Thank you- Ms Benly

  32. Gene

    My partner and I are in the planning stages to LOTG and are looking to purchase some land to do so. We would love to hear more information about what you have to offer. We are looking for 2-5 acres.

  33. todd mosley

    i have a background in marketing, grant writing, disaster services (red cross), and am a master gardener. i have maintained a year-round organic garden for 5+ years. i have working knowledge of orchards, watershed irrigation, permaculture, and chickens. i am looking to relocate from mississippi to outside of knoxville. my email address is toddn601@aol.com . please contact me. i’m interested in your marketing opportunity or simply buying one of your pieces of land.

  34. Terry Dunlap

    I have been researching OTG living for a while and am ready to begin the process. My wife and I have 3 children. The older 2 have moved out and the youngest is 15. We are nearing the empty nest time of our lives and I am ready to begin a new adventure. Count me in.

  35. Bill & Camille

    We are a couple in our early 50’s and interested in the past year in going OTG with a community of people to utilize different talents therefore making the community safer and stronger. My wife is a medical professional and is currently being educated in medicinal gardening. I am a professional welder and home remodeler. We are master gardeners and are profiecient in cooking and food storage. We are closing our small fabrication shop in Texas next week and will be temporarly relocating with family in Florida. I have 12 years as an Army engineer and survival training. We are looking to start this lifestyle asap. We are currently learning hydroponic, aquaponic gardening, non-commercial solar system fabrication. Thank you for considering us.

  36. Victoria Moore

    My husband and I are very intersested as well in LOTG. We have researched many ways to build self sufficient and grow as well. whether its for just family or in a community, we would take any advice, suggestions, etc. Please email at your earliest convienience. Thank you for your time and interests.

  37. Peggy O'Neal

    I am very interested in this for my son and myself. I have been doing a lot of research on going OTG for a while now..I am trying to get prepared for what is coming.. I am knowledgeable in construction, gardening, camping, fishing and hunting. I am trying to find some place that we could fit in with where we could live off the land and in a community that cares about each other. My son and I are both tired of what they call society. I currently live in Phoenix AZ. I am a customer service rep and I work from home on my computer. We would like to be able build a Sand Bag House buy a water resource in the mountains or a forest area. Not out in the open. I am looking to go OTG in about 4 months. If you can help us to do this I would be grateful. Please contact me at only1loulou@yahoo.com

  38. Kimberly

    Hi! I would like to speak with you about a couple of possibilities. A few things came to mind after reading your post.

    My husband and I are TN natives eager to get off the grid. My husband recently medically retired from the US Army and Im work as an instructor for a NYC based tax and accounting publisher (telecommute). We own 2 Maury county properties we are about to list ASAP (1 rental, one primary). We own an event entertainment business we travel with and I’ve had thoughts of making our travel trailer our primary residence but I know me. I will need a home to go home to. This is all new to me. 2 years ago I had an extreme shift and saw the world from a whole new perspective. It’s like Saint Hippy hit me in top of the head:).

    We plan to go OTG with a cob house on a property that has a good creek with good history. Please send me your details. Thank you! Kimberly

  39. Debria

    I am looking to buy property for off the grid living could you contact me on what you have I am ready to buy now

  40. Henry

    I no longer want to be part of an ego based society anymore. If you are willing to help me get started I will do anything and everything to get the ball rolling. I no longer want to live for myself but rather be part of a team that loves each other and is out to help each other. I want to reconnect with nature and go back to basic living. I am very interested and really hope you take me into consideration. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon.

  41. teddeygarvey

    Sold! It would be a blessing to contribute to this. There is much that I have much to learn, but am more than willing to learn every moment I am given. Also, not altogether unfamiliar with hard, manual labor. Please send contact information.
    I will become an asset, if you will help me get this started.

  42. Renee

    Our goal is to move to some land we can make our own off grid in 2 years. Please send me information. Thank you.

  43. T

    My fiance and I are currently in the military and plan on going civilian shortly. We have been looking for land in the TN area to live a minimal lifestyle. I have many military members looking for their own “little piece of quiet”. I am interested in more information about your land and your plan. Thank you!

  44. Ken

    Very interested in your community.
    I was looking for a few acres of land to go OTG on. We have the resources and knowledge to do so and are just looking for the right group of people. Please send us some more information on this.. Thanks Kennethfinnell at Gmail

  45. Jon Cherba

    I have some ideas for living OTG. I also have some ideas for a possible OTG community. I would love to discuss this further if you are interested. Feel free to email me anytime, I will respond promptly. Thanks

  46. Aliyah

    I am interested. My husband and I are struggling to live in on grid. We have moved to Trinidad to try a better lifestyle but was unsuccessful. Now we are back in the US trying to find alternative living. We can farm and I am a Holistic Healer. If I can get a piece of land to start I will volunteer to help others get started.

  47. Suzie

    We would be very interested in discussing this further with you. Please email me more information at your convenience.

  48. Darla

    My husband and I are interested. It’s been a dream/goal to live off-grid on 5 acres to set up our own family mini-farm. We’re currently in So.CA. My husband is in sales. I’ve been collecting info/DIY plans for homesteading off-grid so that we’ll be prepared when the time comes. Please send us more info. darlahauschild@gmail.com