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[before_listing id=332 images= youtube=null] I have just bought 5 remote acres! Im getting the well dug now, and am going to build a self sufficient lifestyle =) Solar Home and greenhouse etc. Also i am building an underground security bunker for any catastrophes natural or other, to store food, and life sustainable items. I wanted to get far away from the Rat Races.. The nearest town is 50 miles away, (except for 1 gas station a few miles away its Remote). It is near the Grand Canyon, which has the colorado river. I am looking for a female partner that is wanting to live the same lifestyle. =) I am 37 athletic and hard working nice guy =) Easy going and just want a simple life =) Okay thanks for any replies ttys!

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5 Responses to “want female partner =)”

  1. Gregf

    I have decided that I want to go to the wilderness. I have all of the gear, skills and experience, I will teach you everything, there are just no resources here so I sold it and am going to a remote area that provides A-Z , if anyone wants to go please email me

  2. CJ

    Id love to know more. 35yrs old 5ft9, killer smile, bright green eyes, curvy.

    Currently live in Santa Barbara County, Calif.

    Helllava a cook, funny, attractive, pragmatic, self employed and can do nearly anything. I’ve been day dreaming about this for years now. Just recently started looking for guys that are wanting the same thing. Sadly, “off the grid” means just that so finding a compatible partner in that interest is hard. Pic swap?

  3. Selena Shepherd

    god…looking at that picture makes me want to go read an edward abby book :)

  4. elnav

    does she have to know how to cook or is this a case like where the fishermanadvertises for a wife who likes outdoor living, hunting and fishing and has own boat. Please send photo of boat.