im 21 years old, been working since i was 16, pretty tired of daily rutine life, wanting to enjoi myself, i have a dream of moving to spain, i have the possibility to acess 3 acree farm in spain for a small amount of money there is just a small building on site, but want to put up a small house/houses to live in, but i am not able to make it alone, so i am looking for someoe to join me, i have some building experience, agraculture, and make good food, i also smoke marijuana recreational, im a peacful and quiet person, and wish for the others peopel to be too, please contact me if you would be intrested in helping and joining me!

i live in norway , but want to leave asap

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3 Responses to “Want companion”

  1. Ulrika Landin

    I man looking for a community or a partner ( man) that would like to create or develop an existing a simple but comfortable lifestyle in nature and also wanting to influense and show others

  2. Jsonte

    So, i’m trying to start a small community soon (at least within a few years) if you’re still looking when we get somewhere you’re welcome to check out the idea.

  3. Callie Barr

    Hello. I am 18 years old and have lots of experience in agriculture and plant propagation. I also use marijuana recreationally and I also grow it legally in the USA. I have lots of skills and experience being sustainable in nature. I can help with finances and labor along with being a companion for my dream off grid life.