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Looking to get off grid living started and maybe join a community of off gridders – start a new chapter in my life as I am  sick and tired of having to pay every tax possible also living in a shared house has become so expensive now days buying a house is out of the question I would relish the opertunity to make my life my own and not continue the rat race of life

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2 Responses to “Want to build my onwards life and home off grid”

  1. Nefi

    Oh if I do live in the wild it would be Oragon, Washington, Idaho

  2. Nefi

    Hi I’m Nephi I am also interested in living off grid or in the wild, but I would rather do this with one other person at least, not looking for a mate lol just someone who will help with the day to day task, looking to take 4 moth supply of emergency food tablets so I can focus on building and gathering I’m also making an off grid generator that if I can combine with an HHO system we wouldn’t need to worry about heat for winter, I’m a 33 year old healthy fit man, there will be much to talk about to please leave you’re email on here and I will email you right away, I’m looking on leaving every soon