[before_listing images= youtube=null] Back in 2011, I got tired of living the “rat race” and loaded up the uhaul, RV and my mum and I moved to northen New Mexico. The land is high elevation desert (8000 feet) and it truely wonderous. We are about 15 miles from town yet close enough to Mother Nature to hear the coyotes cry in the evenings. We haul our own water from the community well, try to come up with innovative ways to garden without frying everything and have a lot of fun doing it! We are trying to be as self suffecient as we can, raising our own bunnies for meat and fur, the aquaponics greenhouse for veggies and a source of income and learning all we can about all sorts of things. Our summers are mild (about mid to high 80′s with no humidity). Although our winters can be cold, there isnt much snow. We are less than an hour from the highest point in the state. The area offers hiking, biking (Wheeler peak ski area has their runs open to mountain bikers in the summer), rafting down the Rio Grande and town has over 100 of the finest resteraunts around. Winter sports include skiing (both downhill and x-country), snowboarding and such as well as winter hiking and other snowy fun things to do. Horse back riding is offered as well as hot air ballooning, some even do a “splash and dash”, dipping the basket into the waters of the Rio Grande after an 800 foot decent down the gorge walls, where you may see herds of bighorn sheep and pronghorn. My mother and I are wanting people, couples, families, etc come join us on a working homestead, gaining experience to live off grid and be minor “preppers” in case of a financial collapse. I am also looking for fun along the way! I am a non smoker, non drug user and non drinker. I prefer non smokers/drug users. Beer drinking on occasion is fine.

My mother has since passed away due to cancer and I also have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I am still of able mind and body and want to help people learn how to live off grid. If you want to learn in a laid back way and we suit each other, the land and most everything on it will be willed over to you so you can keep the dream going. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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19 Responses to “wanna learn to live off grid?”

  1. Jerry

    Oh I forget. Start drinking dandelion tea. It is one of the best cancer fighter’s around. Yes I am interested in your off grid living. Would like to go visit you and pick your brain. If you’re up to it.

  2. Jerry

    I don’t know if the author is still alive. The one up near Taos living off grid and has cancer. You can be cured from you cancer. Dr Eliazor Benjoseph an natural pathic doctor. He claims he has cured stage 4 cancer. And the local modern science doctors would have him in jail if it where a lie. Find him on the web. He has a Facebook site where he tells you how to treat you cancer and servive. He also has a radio show called Natural Solutions Radio. And he runs a natural treatment shop filled with natural treatments for almost everything that may ail you. Look him up. He can help if you’re still alive. God bless.

  3. Peaceful Diligence


    I spent a year volunteering on Organic gardens to study sustainable living models. I went to Texas and traveled from east to west for that year and saw many different models, including communal living, since that is my eventual goal. I learned and saw a lot. I realized that it is not only possible but quite feasible. That lifestyle provides the quality of life I am seeking.

    I have seen how I can enjoy what I do, every day, and have a simple life that I can be happy in. I look forward to finding my place and being welcomed into that peaceful existence. This has excited me about the next chapter in my interesting life, which has led me to drafting this email to see if we may want to work together to make our futures as enjoyable and productive as we can.


  4. jessica

    hello I love what your doing ! are you still offering this wonderful opportunity?

  5. Valleri

    Hi im 36 my bf is 31 his son is 10, we are looking for something like this if you are still looking for a small family please get back with me, we are wanting to live off grid, i have for 5 years in my part and loved it

  6. emjahn67

    Wow–after creating a profile for this website, my first search didn’t specify a location yet I found my current location as the first post! My name is Emily and what I wrote for this website’s profile is relevant so I’ll copy and paste it here for you:
    I’m a 23-year-old Floridian (always believing that state will be under water in my lifetime) who came to Taos, New Mexico for the Earthship Biotecture internship in March 2013. I was hired by the company immediately after and have been renting an unfinished earthship in the Greater World community. They do work! I’m such an advocate for the reused water methods/indoor south-facing greenhouses/thermal mass concepts and will happily talk your ear off about them. Being here over a year now, I’m realizing this place isn’t as community-orientated as I’d like to be part of. There isn’t a community greenhouse nor any event gatherings; the drastically different residents make for a not-so-‘great world’ neighborhood. I’m looking for a self-sufficient village of likeminded souls where I can spend my days keeping the organic food growing and the fresh water flowing.

    I did not care where I’d have to travel to find the right sustainable community, but if I don’t have to leave Taos that’d be even better! I absolutely love it here, for the same reasons you mentioned. I spent a few months this past summer out on the mesa (towards 2 Peaks but then a left on Star road so actually closer to 3 Peaks) and successfully grew a plethora of veggies in the outdoor raised bed backyard garden (with reused water from the off-grid adobe house of course) so I totally understand when you talk about the frying climate. I’d love to actually talk with you, especially if your offer is still stands–the post is almost a year old–but even if not I’d love to connect more with you…maybe grab coffee at the Sky Cafe. :)
    My email address is emily.jahnsen@gmail.com thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you MustangRider1969 !!

  7. Angel and Kymberly

    Hey there!
    My name is Kymberly, me and my fiance have our first baby and wanted to know if there are any families you cannot accomodate? We are very skilled with our hands and would love to learn to sustain ourselves if/when our way of life ends. I would love to hear back from you. Thank You MustangRider1969!

  8. Gabriel & Tammi

    I think I speak for my wife as well as my self when I say we don’t need to be in anyone’s will. That being said we would love to get involved, and would like to know what we would need to come out there to stay? what are you lacking, what is available? Are you still looking for others?

  9. Zachariah D.

    MUSTANGRIDER – Hi. I am truely touched by your story and what you have started. Eversince I was just a boy I have always fantasized about living out in the wild. With no power, cars, stores, and T.V. Now that I have a wife and three boys I have been thinking even more about getting off the grid. I do not want to be one of the millions of nieve americans who are going to be unprepared and suffer from an economic crash. Please sir I would like to be apart of your homestead and would give up smoking in a heartbeat if need be. I am smart, strong, I can hunt, fish, farm and cook. I am from the great white north (New Hampshire). Do you still have room on your land?

  10. Nayr Nortac

    Hello, I really hope you’re still living off the grid. I’m done with the hypocrisy of the government and ready to live off the grid, to get away and live the life the real way.
    email me please at
    thank you

  11. Klyn

    My daughters and I are too, looking to take the next steps in living fully and freely. We are just next door to you. PS. I have also used various alternatives to eliminate “medical conditions” diagnosed by “MD’s”. So, I hope you had a chance to respond to the post above offering that help. Cancer does not have to keep taking us…we can take it and give it a good stiff kick.

  12. RaspberryTea

    Hey, if ya’ll need help for little while, I will join in. I’m in Kansas. Driven there before, easy drive. I’m hard working.

  13. william

    Sorry for your loss and illness my family seeks to be self sufficient, and gain the wisdom you have to teach.

  14. Kristin & Sean Grim

    Hello, my fiancé and I are interested in getting off the grid. I am a native of Helena, Montana and we currently reside in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We are willing to work and learn.
    If this posting is still available please contact us at: kristinnelson123@hotmail.com or svxrunner@yahoo.com

  15. katydid

    I am interested in learning how to live off the grid, and your posting looks perfect. I am 23, living in Texas, but I loved New Mexico the last time I was there, and I would be happy to go back.

    Email me at katecallard89@gmail.com if you are interested in talking about your goals/expectations. I would love to hear from you.


  16. Meghan


    It was serendipity for me to stumble upon your posting. I am a current young professional in the health care field who is very interested in learning to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, which involves living “off the land”, growing organic food, etc. My mother lived for 12 years with cancer and in 2011 passed away. I am a cancer gene carrier also..these experiences along with knowledge gained over time, has lead me to strive to live my life cancer free by living a lifestyle which promotes health and well being. I envision this happening through living in a sustainable model which includes living off grid, growing whole, organic foods, etc, etc.. I have been looking to move to NM for a couple of years now..upon seeing your post I was incredible inspired by what your doing with your land, as well as the shared connections we have with sustainable living and knowing life with cancer.

    I would love the opportunity to talk with your further. I would love to learn more about you and your land and share a bit more on myself and my dreams.
    Thank you! Take care.


  17. the hill family

    Greetings…..and I hope…..after reading the sad news in your post….that this message reaches you while well. We are a young family who recently moved to nm in the hunt of exactly what you speak of. We met some people with similar interests in which we had planned to move off grid with. They since had second thoughts and we were left on the path alone. We have extensive knowledge in sustainable housing, power, and food…..including aquaponics and wood chip gardening. I would very much like to speak with you further…..not for your land….but in regards to you moving forward with us. We have also studied alternative medicines and feel that there are natural ways to cure your cancer! This is not a joke…….we have learned about the bodies ph balances and how simple treatments can erradicate cancer. We are very interested in accompanying you in this venture…..but we would very much like to do it along side you as opposed to alone. Please contact me when you get this as I would like to get into contact with you asap! Thank you for your time…..and for being a loving…..wonderful person!

  18. mustangrider1969

    The spring winds can be high here but they’re not dangerous. Because we live in the desert, there are no trees at the moment but I am looking to plant a bunch of black locust and osage orange trees, see how those do. The greenhouse is made of wood with a mostly solid roof and plastic sides. This design allows for shading in the hottest part of the day. Because I am at an elevation of roughly 8000 feet, the sun is very intense and will burn any crops that aren’t shaded. It is heated in winter with a massive rocket stove. I may need to build another rocket stove in the future, we’ll see. I have an aquaponics system set up in 1/2 of the greenhouse and there is a LOT of room for expansion.

  19. M

    are there dangerous winds in your region (do you have wind breaking trees/bushes)? how did you construct your green house??