WARNING FROM ED: This may be a Scam to try to solicit money

Clubb, Missouri, Athens, TN Broadalbin,NY United States)

This Community is Re-forming

< Year re-formed: 2014
Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado locations are sold out Kentucky land ended up flooding. Starting over in Missouri, Tennessee and WE just got 120 acres donated to us in New york! WE needs pioneers  in New York Now! Ground floor opportunity since we do not have any members in this area yet
Mission Statement:
If you are tired of the rat race,

• with all the never-ending bills

• crime-infested neighborhoods

• GMO-poisoned foods

• lack of community support

Our mission is to guide you through to research and obtain the most logical, sustainable lifestyle that can be accomplished by an average community that works together. Our power as a community empowers us to accomplish more! The 1st step on the Wanderer’s path is to get to our online network that will help you get grouped together with others in your chosen location to purchase your shares. The earlier you get in the more seniority.


• wants to help save the world

• get a free off-grid super home to your family

• own your own business in an Eco Village

• Develop Self-Sufficiency Skills

• Divide and Conquer various Projects

• Privacy, but with trusted friends nearby

• Like-Minded Neighbors

• Thrive in Good Times & Bad

• Secure Prepper Retreat Nearby

• Far Easier to Take Vacations

• People are Social Creatures

•Permaculture•Aquaponics•Self Reliant

• MUCH Cheaper than doing it alone!

• Secluded/Hidden

• Accessible yet VERY Secure

• Great soil for growing food

• Decent year-round climate

• Usable Acreage

• Purpose-built, but still nice

Our Homestead Planned Features 85 percent free super community-built homes that are almost completely…..

hurricane proof, bulletproof, tornado proof, and will last forever with no utility bills!

Other Features

• Indoor greenhouse the cleans your air and grey waste-water while providing year round GMO-free food!

• Securable Perimeter

• 24x7x365 Security with Quiet peaceful gated community living

• Strategic Entrance Path / Choke Points

• Listening Posts / Observation Posts (LP/OPs)

• First Come First Serve on Acreage Selection

•Get in on the ground floor to learn from each other and train yourself to be better prepared!


•Existing Members Vote in New Members

•1/4 acre per share- 4 share limit 1 acre per house•All Documents/Easements/etc done 100% Legit

In today’s world, to have neighbors that are Like-Minded – Priceless! Don\’t be lone wolf homesteaders that are Easy Prey for Serious Threats! WE Preppers are people too. Relax. Live. Enjoy! VERY Family-friendly! We are all determined to work together to make our dreams happen.

If you possess the skills and manners that our community desires, then you will be given an invitation to apply for a membership in our group of families that are traveling convoy style cross-country to our acreage of Appalachian mountain land.

So here are a list of some of our desired traits for our members:
Website technicians
Web content writers
Fundraising Experts
Rock Musicians (a whole band would be nice)
Earthship Pirates
MLM marketers
MacGyver\’s & Bill Nye\’s
Camera crew and producer
Scientists and researchers

We are tired of the crime, the sliding family, community, educational and nutritional values, the rat race, endless bills for disposable homes that are only hurting planet and are ready to do something about it! Our dream is to pioneer a true Eco-village from scratch utilizing our simple, very effective plan. Just help others with their dreams.

It costs $200 to apply. If approved, up to 4 shares of membership will made available to you and your family. Each share comes with 1/4 acre of land and 1400 sq foot of shop and off-grid home for your family to enjoy in our private village. Your family will also get its own business, and free shopping for all of our village’s goods plus numerous other benefits.

If interested please apply here and put CONVOY in spot for sponsor!


Community Description:

We are a group of like-minded individuals concerned about the earth’s destruction, the government’s GMO foods, and how to survive both. We are a nonprofit research group with interests in sustainable community living. We research natural lifestyles, not to exclude internet or technology, but to make a life where you can be guilt-free of hurting the future for our children. Current projects are power from magnets for our homes and pyrolisis to fuel our vehicles.

The Tactical & Practical Community
Our communities are tactical because in the event of an emergency, you have a built-in survival group in place. Everyone will be skilled, geared, and ready to work together. Our community is very practical because there are numerous financial and cooperative benefits of homesteading near each other.

Join us! To become a shareholder, we only ask for a small monthly membership payment to be provided with an off-the-grid eco home, that is even mostly Bullet proof, shares in our grown GMO FREE produce, meats and other goods, 24/7, 365 security, fellowship and more!
You can pick your lot, then plan your house and we help build it utilizing our community construction process! We’re building a community with livestock, orchards, and gardens, community barn/tractor/etc.

We are now recruiting
families, to help to create & Run
a community-built,
sustainable Eco Village.

A New kind of Eco Village
that’s reaching for the 22nd century

By utilizing research of logical
methods for sustainable living,
we are establishing a healthier
relationship for living with the
earth & our communities.

Our plan just needs people…
A community that paves a new road to the American dream for those otherwise left behind.
Or just for people that want more.
This plan will change your life!

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12 Responses to “Wanderers End Sanctuary”

  1. Aantazy

    Still open to new comers aantazy@aol.com

  2. Wanderers End

    I did a search in our records and couldn’t find your name or email in any of our records. Could you please be more specific-like location you contacted. I apologize that you had issues with contacting us. Feel free to email us directly at one.network@mail.com or wanderers.end@mail.com

  3. Francis X. DeColatore

    I attempted to contact these folks and speak to them personally. Via both their website; as well as their organizational Facebook pages and their personal Facebook pages. No responses despite multiple attempts. When I filled out their form for a donation, I got multiple emails from them. To be as nice as possible, the organization seems (as an outsider contemplating joining and attempting to get info) very disorganized or run by folks who don’t have good communication skills. At worst its a scam. Too me it seems very sketchy. If its not a scam, it works just like one.

  4. M.

    Ive met the owner

  5. M.

    Yes, they’re legit. Really nice people too.

  6. Dick Mcdowell

    Before reporting for training, they decide to crash Despie’s party, where Turkey—who has recently joined the Baldies—is told to draw the Wanderers outside.

  7. wanderersend

    We are genuine We started in 2009 and built our first village in Mounds OK as The WE Sanctuary. It was an ecovillage to house women with children for domestic violence situations. The only only option at that time was a shelter where they got put on a cot with their children next to someone with the DT’s. WE provided them help getting education, GEDs WIC, and a safe home to help with transitioning to their new life. This met their needs but I also wanted to help others such as Veterans, as I lost my older brother to PTSD when I was younger. Our next village was built in the white mountains of Snowflake, AZ. I concentrated on the helping homeless veterans and so this village was 100% veteran members. This group decided to be more on the tactical side and has opted to not be open for visitors after the shares where sold out in 2011. WE did shut down a village in De Funiak Springs, Florida due to local legislation interfering making it pretty much illegal to be eco friendly. Our next village was to be in Kentucky but mothernature showed us her power with major flooding on our land in Nicholasville, KY ( just google Wanderers End Campground, we were there) in Sept, 2015. The founding family has since relocated to Athens,TN and are gathering members to start again. WE has also just been donated 120 acres in New York, but doesn’t have any members in the area to Pioneer it..lol
    The $200 application fee is split, with $100 going to their sponsor and the balance covers the back ground check and our administration costs. This fee can also be covered with out any money out of their pocket if they are willing to invest with us in other ways such as online help, and event networking ( currently we have a rep at Sliding Rock,NC to network.) This also applies to their monthly dues after becoming a full share holder as WE rewards knowledge and physical contributions. Check us out http://wanderersend.org on facebook its http://facebook.com/wanderersend feel free to give us a call 423-453-5623

  8. lisa

    not sure if they are or not but found this- maybe you can poke around on net to see if they are legit.

  9. Michael

    200 to apply seems steep. This is in no way real. It is written to decieve those who are idealistic and possibily maleable to form a cult of somekind. Maybe this is done by an off grid group but the amouny of fearbased motivators written here gives away the playbook for something bigger at hand. Seems like intelligence work at its finest here.Wouldnt the intel community want this list of people willing to go off grid to form new eco villages and this would be a way of getting the low hanging fruit, as they say.

    • Nick Rosen

      I agree – its a come-on of some sort – apparently aimed at veterans and poorer people I note – for whom $200 is a LOT of money – does anyone else have any information about this group and whether they have done this sort of thing before?

  10. Nick Rosen

    Are the guys genuine? I am not sure