[before_listing id=405 images= youtube=null] My female farmer friend sam has started an intentional community in the rolling countryside of Southside Virginia amidst amish farms…very rural…has 84 acres…nearby creek to cool off…large not quite finished cabin and a sharecropper’s shack and a pop-up trailer and an old house used mainly for storage…it’s rough and tumble…not quite primitive…going off-grid one sector at a time…just started hooking up some solar panels…John (GoldMiningGuy) is renovating a shorty schoolbus as living acommodations…there is phone and internet and right now limited electricity…oh, and a well. Sam needs folks who are doers and not dreamers who just talk…especially needs help getting the gardens back up and running as she has buyers for some specialty crops like sunchokes but doesn’t have the help right now. She even splits profits on the crops but it takes work to git’er done. She needs 15 hours a week of real work (helping in the gardens and feeding & watering the critters…the donkeys are a hoot) in exchange for a place to live and some food…if you have some income that’d be best if you’d like to partake of phone and internet and electricity until they’re off grid powered…she has side businesses on eBay and etsy and flea market selling…do you have anything like that too??…also has chickens and donkeys and a rescue horse named Penny. Secluded and very rural. Nearby town of 35,000 has Walmart (uugghh) and Lowes and Tractor Supply and more. Not much job opportunity here. An RVer would fit in great if it’s not too big. Have had 16 people in the last 2 years, most all slowly drift away to the big city lights so prefer no one under 25…just haven’t seen any commitment in that age group…older even better!!!!! [landbuddy_listing id=405 youtube=null]

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71 Responses to “Virginia Commune”

  1. Ranger

    Looking for a place,to live and stay I am 55 yrs. old,I have pets.,want to get away to somewhere quiet,and safe.,I am a Christian.,need a place ,low income,with utilities included: no relationships needed or wanted.,please.I am also,a %service -connected disabled combat OIF war army veteran.

  2. David

    Have experience in beekeeping , composting , vegetable gardening and fruit trees. Also flea market and product
    acquisition from sock and clothing factories. Willing to trade labor for housing.

  3. Austin

    Hello I’m a 50 yr old man that has recently gone through a divorce and am looking to start over in life. I’d like to find out more about your offering of a newer stress free way of life. I have spent most of my life working in the trades (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, hvac, ….) and think I might be use to your growing community. Please contact me back with more details. Thanks for your time.

  4. Jeffrey Fortune

    Very interested in learning more and possibly joining. I’m 26 and tattoo for a living but I have knowledge in construction, farming, hunting, trapping and survival skills from working my family’s farm for so many years. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear back soon.

  5. David

    am interested in this lifestyle, please contact me
    47 y.o male physician

  6. Deedee

    Please contact me.. I am a farmer and gardener looking for this type of living situation !

  7. chrissy

    I know this is an older post but wanted to see if this situation still exists email me malificent_80@yahoo.com i have questions abd we are very interested. Thanks

  8. Christopher Chadwick

    I have been looking into off grid living alone and as well into intentional communities, If you are still up and your still looking for people, please contact me. I’m 39 male from Missouri. Name is Chris

  9. Kimberly

    I am very interested in joining your community. I am able to help and offer my skills within your commune. I am looking to relocate immediately. I am currently in the Virginia area. Please contact via email or by phone – my email address is: kimberlyphone07@gmail.com – Thanks I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day!

  10. phil

    Very interested in this way of life. Have been for a while now. I’m 35 and life is not the same as when I was young. Everyone is to busy and needs to slow down. How can I join

  11. corey

    Very interested to see how things have come along since you posted. Getting close to making the decision to go off-grid and looking for hope that its possibe to make the transition without added stress of more BS! I hope, sincerely, that things are going well for you!

  12. clyde

    while researching off grid living i came across this site and i am very interested in what you are doing. I currently have a small solar set up. I have only been at it for a year. I am a refrigeration heating and a.c. mechanic so i have a lot of skills fixing thing. I also live in Virginia beach so i am in Virginia already. Looking to move more off grid than i currently am. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  13. Seige

    Hello, I am a retired veteran, and would be interested in helping Sam out. I have off-grid skills, survival skills. I was raised up on a farm. looking for a new adventure.

  14. jessie

    I lost contact with you a while back. I was interesting in coming out there. Email me if still looking for people. Thank. Jessie. Jessie.bogart@yahoo.com

  15. The B-T Family

    IDK if you can get my email from here but if i dont hear from you by the end of the week i will try again to contact you and hope to hear from you soon, Much Love, Brooke, Jay and the boys :-)

  16. The B-T Family

    Hello me and My Wife have been looking and researching and are Conspiracy theorist and vegan and have wanted to live off the grid for many years even years before we met each other (Which total is over 10 years)… I have several folders on our E bay for Off the Grid purchases and much literature and videos on our computers about off the grid and more stuff that we so want to share and live. We have 2 Boys and we Know what their futures can be if we stay dependent on the grid and want out. We have several sources of income and more to talk about but wish to talk in person and believe we are very close to your area :-)

    I believe we have a whole lot to contribute from knowledge of our future to knowing how to be constructive and innovative.

    We have a van and trailer to haul materials to do maintenance on buildings and property as well as haul our music equipment as we are musical talented and would love to use our talents to spread harmony amongst the community.

    Also we use our van and trailer to haul our flea market stuff but I my self want to make our Van into a mini motor home :-)

    I have electronic and electrical experience and know how to wire up a solar grid and wind power or what ever is needed

    I have welding experience too and more.

    I have been in the construction environment since I was 5 when my grandpa put my first paintbrush in my hand… I am 38 now 39 next month :-)

    I know Computers and Programming as well as Photography and all sorts of stuff I am A Jack of all trades I have a green thumb as well and believe in all herbal remedies and no modern medicine as it is nothing but a brainwashing scheme.

    We want to help teach our children and others who are like us and want to live amongst like minded people.

    If you would please give us the chance to tell you more of our hopes dreams and plans, please email me and i will give you my phone number so we can talk in person and would love to even have our family with yours have dinner one day and make vegan pizzas and drink almond milk :-)

    any ways I hope you would take us in consideration to become a valuable asset to your community and will contact us very soon as we are in distress and am very eager to get away from the clutches of the machine.

    Shine on you Crazy Diamonds… See you On The Dark side Of the Moon.

    Much Love, Brooke, Jay and the boys :-)

  17. Justin sadowski

    I too am looking to relocate and offer my skills to your commune. 15+ years in home remodeling. Looking to get off the grid and truly live. Email me, please with more info. Long term. Thank you!

  18. matt palmer

    Please could you let me know if you still require people to join the community. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Matt.

  19. L-Ann

    I’m 51 and I’d be interested in helping you out. I’ve been a hard worker my whole life. I’ve always had my own organic gardens and canned my own food until 2 years ago and enjoy working outdoors and I’m familiar with farm life and what it takes to keep things going. My e-mail is leeann528@gmail.

  20. MaryEllen Seehafer

    My husband and I are looking for a place to retire to. Where can I get more information on this location. He is a musician, hard worker and I garden, sew, cook, knit, can, ferment. Where is this located and does it have a name? 333mellan@gmail.com

  21. windsun661@gmail.com

    Im 51,have SSI income, 30ft 5th wheel. Very interested. Windsun661@gmail.com.

  22. wavy1953

    So does one just show up?
    Let me know, I will be up that way anyway. maybe I will stop by. send me a message at soldier@spaceling.com

  23. Edward McDaniel

    Sorry I didn’t give you my e mail mcdanieledward66@yahoo.com

  24. Edward McDaniel

    I’m a 48 yr old male very interested in getting away from big government I would like to know if you are still seeking people for your community
    I currently live in a 37 foot motor home in al and would like to have more info

  25. Dave & Melissa

    Sounds like what my family has been looking for email me @ marshall7142@live(dot)com

  26. joshua

    hi my name is josh im 29 and from yorktown va and would like to hear more about being part of your community please email me at jtnbound@hotmail.com

  27. Lisa

    Please contact me! I have been off grid for 3 years on a boat(many hours of work) I am a garderner and have a lot of experience with 12v solar power. Im mature and responsible and ready to make a move within a week

  28. t.chittum

    i’m interested if your offer still stands-work in exchange for land to put small off grid home.i am in my mid fifties,interested in chickens goats, organic farming,aquaphonics,and good health.i also have a steady income,and i am a youngevity distributor-struggling.i have some experience in carpentry,and good with sick animals,under dr. joel wallach’s instructions.my number is 540 685 2250,call me so we can talk .

  29. k. jimenez

    I am anxious to join your community. I am a hard working 53. I have spent my entire life working outdoors gardening . I have a Landscape,horticulture liscense. I am unattached, unemployed and have no real close family except my dog. Please send me an e-mail or call at (985)295-4248. I hope to hear from you soon!

  30. jeremiah and jennifer

    hello, we are very interested in joining your community. i am 30 and my husband is 29. he is full blooded gypsy and i have been living with him and his ways for 3 years. part of his culture is that once we marry we obtain a camper and start on our way which we have. you are the first we have checked in to and we go by instincts. we have packed our camper but there is no were to go here. we dont much believe in the internet except for obtaining info for reasons such as these. so i am giving you our phone number because we are quite serious about leaving our cabin that we rent and living off grid permanently with people of like minds so please give us a call so we can speak directly. thank you and good luck. (740)547-8248

  31. Dovely

    Just joined. Looking to network with others in my area. Reidsville, nc) I too sell on etsy. Love to hear from you


  32. jim

    Is the offer still open? I am 44 and retiring this year. I grew up on small farm, I hunt, fish as well. I currently raise turkeys and chickens. I also spent ten yrs in construction, interior trim, decks and porches. Pls email me info
    if still open….blackcreek0344@gmail.com

  33. CityOak918

    I just found this wed site but would like to know if this offer still stands. I’m a 26 year old vet looking for good hard work and a place to live off of. If it still stands please Email me at SPCPaul.Little@gmail.com

  34. Geoff

    Hi, I’m considering transitioning to a more simplistic lifestyle over the next year. I’m very interested in visiting your community short term to help, learn and share ideas. Please contact me at geof.hoffman@gmail.com.

  35. Nathan Ulseth

    Hello there we are very interested in living off the grid with my wife and son , I am a vegan and would love to garden and live off the land
    Please give me an email if you don’t mind about the life of living off the land I would very much appreciate it

  36. Christopher Adkins

    i would be interested if you are still looking for people to join, i am a hard working 20 year old with skills in wood working and i have worked with my grand father since i was a small child. please get in touch with me at watlington@yahoo.com, or you can call me a 757 759 6041. i live in hampton VA. feel free to call anytime

  37. Ken and Patti Simmons

    Love to know if you’re still looking! We have been organic farmers for years. My husband is accomplished in almost every aspect of home repair and remodeling. We currently live in a small farming community in western NY but no problem in relocating. Please send an email to patti_simmons@hotmail.com. Thank you!

  38. Alice Delaluna

    While I understand that you are looking for older people to assist in your project, I am very interested in learning more and maybe even becoming a permanent member of your community. Please email at alicerochelle360@hotmail.com

  39. RyanBrooksLeslie

    Hi I’m Ryan, 38 yo, male, artist, social worker and free spirit looking for communal living as far away from the status quo as possible. I’m familiar basic organic farming, masory, and am learning foraging, wild edibles and hunting, trapping, and food preservation. I’m very easy going. Em at Ryan@RyanBrooksLeslie.com asap if you’re still looking for people.

  40. Tim

    Hello and merry met,
    I am a 42-y.o. handyman who has experience in construction, farming, computers, landscaping and a host of other hands-on fields. I am a science-fiction novelist but I love being outdoors and working with my hands, creating something that will bring enjoyment or benefit others in some way. I have been looking for an off-the-grid community like yours for some time now and would very much appreciate the opportunity to become a permanent member. I am hard-working and a quick learner and don’t mind doing whatever work is needed. Please contact me at TyrBerBooks@gmail.com

  41. Charles

    You still looking for help? I have worked in management for the last 27 years and enough is enough. Two weeks ago I divorced my wife of 23 years as well. Looking to start over and do what I’ve always wanted to do. I have plenty of high quality tools and can do basic plumbing, building and whatever else you need help with. I’ve always wanted to do something like this but spouse never wanted to lol. Im in Kansas and looking to head one direction or another within the next couple of days. I also have enough cash to keep me taken care of for a while and a truck. Have a great day and hope to hear from you.

  42. Bosco

    hello. I’m very interested in living there for a few years, maybe more. I’m able bodied and willing to work. I can stay in my tent if needed. Just looking for a place to work in exchange for food and a place to sleep. email me as soon as you can because I’m ready to leave asap. bosco4848@yahoo.com.

  43. jessie

    Hey Email me I am very interested in what you have to offer. Also I am very hard working and very committed to learning off grid living.

  44. Dustin

    Im looking for a place where I can live completely off the land, catchment water, catch/kill/cook own food, no power ect. I will build my own shelter as well as help your lady friend work at least 20 hrs a week for a small place on the back of the property where I can live for at least 6 months. Email is dustintmcgill@hotmail.com phone 360270140. Hard worker, building/landscape experience, Very comfortable in the woods. Thanks.

  45. dmm

    would like more information

  46. Charlette

    It sounds like we might have some things in common. From what I read in your post, it seems to be what I have been looking for myself. I am 57, have a 25ft travel trailer, a truck and am a pretty fair hand at a variety of different skills. I also am a hard worker, I don’t really know how to be any other way. I would like to talk with you on the subject of getting off the grid, hopefully at your place. If you are still looking for a pair of helping hands, please send me an email, cgiglenast@gmail.com

  47. dre

    Dre at Nellly100@hotmail.com forgot to add on previous comment

  48. dre

    Hello, i am looking for a place like yours and would like some more info i am a 43 year old black male, looking to take it down a couple of notches and live of the land without the man breathing down my back all the time, please send me some more info, thanks …Dre

  49. ron never again

    If you like no hot water or bathing, no meals except what you can cook on a filthy fire pit grill, rotten wood for fuel, buy the way. Also the place is CRAWLING with ticks, over-grown, all the equ. is broken and no tools to fix them. Very little electric, not even a coffie pot. The over grown yard is littered with dirty dishes, pots and pans all blacked by the rotten wood used to cook with. Filth, ticks, water out of a garden hose supplies the cabin, knee high weeds, dirty dishes everywhere. If this is u-r idea of off- grid, then this is the place for you.

  50. mike

    Bruce and Heather-
    Either leave an email or look above for mine…no way to contact you.

  51. Bruce and Heather Tiryung

    Hello, my husband and I are looking for what you are offering. My husband is a jack of all trades and myself, well I am a hard worker and can get the job done. My husband does A/C, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical and the list goes on and on. Our ages are… me, 47 and my husband 55. Just want to add, my husband is a trouble shooter. He can figure out problems to most anything. I’ve worked with him for the past 15 years and he still suprises me everyday with his mind. He would most defiantly make a great addition to your new community. When it comes to working hard, we make a great team. This would be a dream we have both had. It would be our honor if you would respond to us with any questions you may have. I love gardening and we do have some food stocked. Thanks for you time and hope to hear back from you. Heather

  52. Angelo

    everything on this site is great !!! i am extremely interested into going off grid (been wanting too ever since i was a kid) i am 24 and well educated, lived in france for 15+ years and graduated over there with a bachelor in design. the reason this sounds so appealing (i dont know if this is still true at the time i write this) is that your still in process of getting everything off the ground, and i definitely love a hard manual job far from a desk and out of the city.
    and the fact that you are so close to where i live (roanoke) just makes it that much better. im an extremely easy person to get along with, i work smart and fast and never complain about anything. i am looking forward on hearing back from you because this sounds very enticing, exactly what i was looking for.
    keep up the good work and take care.
    thank you

  53. George Andrews jr.

    I am very interested! I have a Ph.D. in physics and have just recently been made aware of many free “vacuum-energy-dvices” and alternative techniques for gas engines. Please contact me. Thanks

  54. Lmao

    Please, do not come to Va. There are no Amish here and the shack he speaks of is either tobacco or smoke house. Sharecroppers? Oh, we had slaves once. Anyway, you that have lost your jobs and homes, do not come here.

  55. Barbara

    I’m a healthy farm raised 60 year old who would like to come and see you. Please send email so we can make arrangements if that’s ok.

  56. Kenny

    Keep it going guys, I will be there for a while once I finish my Doctorate in Psychology. Much love, and keep your heads up. I have my own camper and have TONS of agricultural experience, along with many survival skills to pass along. Keep up the good fight.

  57. jon whitaker

    Hi my name is jon, I am 20 but that doesnt mean im like all the young you’ve had in th past. i’ve moved past my ignorance and am still leaveing it in the dust. i want a real life off-grid with like-minded people. i love learning(especially about nature and living off the land) I will put effort in and will help you with anything. I’m not just looking for a place to stay i want somewhere to live and this is perfect. if i have to ill set up a debris shelter on the land nearby(just want to be close to nice nature love friends) please send me an email and we can talk about our views and you can get to know me, and that i will be a productive member of society there. i hope your not turned away just cause my age, my mind is far past my body. i have never had trouble with anyone and i try to see everyones side of the story. Please reply soon i’ve messeged many communes but yours looks the best in my eyes and i want to join.

  58. Joshua

    Please e-mail me. I live in virginia beach. I need to get out of here, its too much stress for me. I love being outdoors, I love working. I am not a slacker. Im extremely intersted, Please e-mail me @ joshuabarnardj@aim.com

  59. atra

    How do we contact you? Me and the Mrs. are in our mid20s and hate this dreadful city and all it’s illusions. We are ready, willing and able.

    (not a valid email and obviously not our site)

  60. Josh & Erica

    WE are interested in your community! could you email us at weplay3or4@gmail.com PLEASE!

    copied our profile info below…

    23/27 year old married couple. Both with 3 years of college education.
    We have been together 5 years. We have a 3 year old son who is our absolute world.

    Erica has worked for the family furniture business for the last 5 years. Josh was raised in the country grew up working on his teachers farms to make money. Josh served in the Air Force 2003-2006 as a military police officer. After the military he has dedicated his time to college horticulture classes and environmental science.

    We do not claim any specific religion. We do not close the door to the idea but still remain open to science views. Therefore, we welcome all people of religions that are non violent. We very much respect everyone’s right to practice their own religion peacefully.

    Our Ideal OTGC would be an Organic based farming, horticulture, and eco friendly energy production. Possibly explore financial endeavors in selling organic produce or products only as a means to support the OTGC.

    The “GOAL” of the community would be self sustaining and supporting of the entire community as a family.

    Grow Organic And Live free!

    Life to us is not about how many rooms we have in our house or how much we paid for our car… as it is to appreciate our Bodies and the Earth from which we came from and return too.

    In layman’s term short and sweet…. Beautifully located OTGC, self sustained community, lots of work, lots of social activities without the overwhelming rat race of society…

    There’s obviously a tremendous amount of planning that needs to be outlined… that’s where we are open to suggestions ideas… to help lay out a OTGC that would work for other like minded people.

  61. freedom420

    hi first i must say i agree with you Jay most young people are like that. i myself are also under 25 and i too feel constricted by the big city, i dont see the big attraction to it, too clustered. if youre still looking i am a good farm hand. ive worked on a family farm throughout my childhood so im a pretty good handyman and have worked in barns with horses and cattle. i also have some building experience as well as gardening and crop tending. if your interested please email me at joebreece1994@gmail.com

  62. ron

    hi there, i would live to speak you you at some point. i am in kalamazoo mi. and looking to go ‘off-grid’ by spring, in a warmer climate. maybe ky or u-r state , been there before, very nice. i live off-grid 6 months out of the year now. i am 46, a hard worker with a lot of skills. look 4-word to hearing from you. thanks -ron

  63. AlexS96

    I am very interested in this. I can fish, hunt, craft and build various things, i’m a very artistic sort and i’m a hard working person, and this is my dream. I am a survivalist and have spent numerous nights in the woods foraging, scavenging, and improvising. I’m a talented sort of person and am willing to do whatever it takes to live off grid. Email: alex.sexton96@hotmail.com

  64. Claire

    I live in Raleigh and was thinking I would like to visit a farm or intentional community next year. I could offer labor in exchange for lodging. I would be interested in this type of arrangement long-term later, but have to visit first. I can garden, cook, do web pages, and freelance write and online teach. Please send me more information. Thanks.

  65. mike

    sorry I thought the email would show up when entered in the box

  66. mike

    walter-send me an email with your contact info…where are you now and what are you doing?? Chad-did you get with sandra at the farm yet??

  67. Walter M, Faherty

    57yo ex navy
    all around mechanic,washers,dryers,refrigerators,pumps,ac,heating,piping,plumbing,brazing,fix computers,electrical,etc.
    Actually not much I cannot fix with info and the parts(can make those too)
    Looking for a community of off grid individuals who can use my talents and the fact I get up everyday(over 40years) at 5am rain,shine, snow and do what has to be done(even if I do not like doing it),into solar,wind,small scale hydro power.

  68. Chad

    Please email me. chadnn@yahoo.com

  69. DaughterofZion

    I would like more information about your commune. I have a bit of a green thumb and am a fast learner with most things. You can contact me at michellescion@gmail.com. Thanks!

  70. delfarmer74

    hi sam,
    my name is steve. i am very interested in what u are doing. i would love to talk to u bout becoming part of ur community. if at all possible can u please email me at delfarmer74@hotmail.com.
    thank u, steve

  71. Jay


    Can I first off say I’m sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience with young people. I am myself under 25 and I unfortunately have to agree with you in a lot of ways. There are plenty of people I know my age just drifting through life and if there’s a challenge they are no where to be seen. I myself have grown up in the countryside and have worked in various areas of work. My most recent farm work was in Australia working 12-16 hours a day 6 days a week and I loved it. The openness of the land and the lack of restriction that the city gives. In my view I feel a sense of being almost strangled by cities.

    I hope you don’t lose faith entirely on the youth but I 100% see where you get your viewpoint.