[before_listing id=405 images= youtube=null] My female farmer friend sam has started an intentional community in the rolling countryside of Southside Virginia amidst amish farms…very rural…has 84 acres…nearby creek to cool off…large not quite finished cabin and a sharecropper’s shack and a pop-up trailer and an old house used mainly for storage…it’s rough and tumble…not quite primitive…going off-grid one sector at a time…just started hooking up some solar panels…John (GoldMiningGuy) is renovating a shorty schoolbus as living acommodations…there is phone and internet and right now limited electricity…oh, and a well. Sam needs folks who are doers and not dreamers who just talk…especially needs help getting the gardens back up and running as she has buyers for some specialty crops like sunchokes but doesn’t have the help right now. She even splits profits on the crops but it takes work to git’er done. She needs 15 hours a week of real work (helping in the gardens and feeding & watering the critters…the donkeys are a hoot) in exchange for a place to live and some food…if you have some income that’d be best if you’d like to partake of phone and internet and electricity until they’re off grid powered…she has side businesses on eBay and etsy and flea market selling…do you have anything like that too??…also has chickens and donkeys and a rescue horse named Penny. Secluded and very rural. Nearby town of 35,000 has Walmart (uugghh) and Lowes and Tractor Supply and more. Not much job opportunity here. An RVer would fit in great if it’s not too big. Have had 16 people in the last 2 years, most all slowly drift away to the big city lights so prefer no one under 25…just haven’t seen any commitment in that age group…older even better!!!!! [landbuddy_listing id=405 youtube=null]

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