The Off-grid channel on YouTube has a growing collection of clips showing real people living and working off the grid.  Please send us your clips for inclusion, or send links or embed codes.

When Nick Rosen travelled the UK, interviewing off-gridders for his book How to Live Off-grid (UK edition – click the cover image to buy in US), he filmed them as he went, and a selection are now available on the channel. Here is one example, from Hillholt Wood in Lincolnshire. Nigel Lowthrop is one of the leaders of the UK off-grid movement. He succeeded in turning his 30 acre wood into a vital local resource,and won planning approval after a long battle. (Click “keep reading” to see the video)

There will eventually be hundreds of videos on the channel, as well as being referenced with the LandBuddy site.

For more clips, go to the Off-Grid YouTube Channel.    And don’t forget to submit your own.

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2 Responses to “Video-clips from “How to Live Off-Grid””

  1. mainah

    Those who do not learn from History……..

  2. Tony Francis

    Very interesting ideas.
    I work for a homeless charity and would like to know more info. about the ‘£2000’ pound house Nigel has built in the video. Also how easy it is to find land where its possible to do the same. Can anyone please advise??
    Thanks guys,


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