Hi I’m 31 white male Army veteran, medically discharged, and have been traveling around tent camping and living off grid much as I can on free forests I run into. As a veteran,I know primitive survival skills from native Americans and know how to train people for this as well. I know how to build shelters, fences anything with wood with axes or saws. I can garden, know plants that you can eat or use for medicinal uses. Just looking to stay at a place long term like permanent and be a happy off grid community. I’m a hippie very peaceful, drama free and very loving guy. Hit me up if you want to know more about me or have a place I can help join you all out. 

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4 Responses to “Veteran Seeking a Happy Community”

  1. Pcraig67

    Looking for off grid communities

  2. Roaminglife

    Hi my name Sonia, me and my friend are starting up an ecovillage in Western NY by the PA border. So far I’ll be the only one up on our hill of 26 acres; looking for help gardening and with livestock (goats, ducks, and chickens). Seeking nothing just work freely given and company :).
    email me for more info or if interested and I’ll share my #. 0455sortiz@gmail.com

  3. BobbyKorona

    Have land in east Central Florida south of St. Augustine …. bob32175@aol.com … put ” off-grid-bob” in the subject line….. talk to me …. ex-Army Germany …… Bob .. :)

  4. KClutter

    Hello, I read your post and thought I’d reach out to you. My wife and I have 160 (forest) acres in Ontario, Canada, that we plan to develop into an off grid community. Your skill set and your outlook are what we are looking for. If you are interested in knowing more please feel free to contact me. KClutter1@yahoo.com


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