[before_listing id=251 images= youtube=null] I am in the early stages of a off grid earthen Eco community, We are seeking people interested in living off grid in natural built structures, I am looking for vegans and vegetarians only, friendly animals are welcome. We are trying to create a friendly place that people can come and truly be part of something that will allow you to be honest and grow together as a family, allow us to give back to this divine planet we live on and live a light and comfortable lifestyle. There is lots of work to be done to attain this and your level of involvement will prove your desire to be here. Gardening or permaculture skills will be a plus!!
We will be building cob, strawbale and other natural built homes on site.

reply with a little bit of your history, such as experiences in related areas, length of vegan or veggie lifestyle, life goals, things like that..

Look forward to hearing back from you!!![landbuddy_listing id=251 youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Veggie Off-Grid!!!”

  1. raggamuffin

    I am definately interested! I have been serching for a vegan off grid community for a while. Please contact me at hollins.robin@yahoo.com

  2. Dude

    Julie did you mean the pets aren’t vegan (which they shouldn’t be) or you aren’t?

  3. Julie

    Im a 42 y/o with pets, that arn’t vegan but i am interested in living and participating in a community of other like minded people living off the grid. where are you located?

  4. mike

    I am very interested Whats your contact info?

  5. gerald

    Cob in Tilly Arkansas Sept 24
    everyone welcome

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