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[before_listing id=392 images= youtube=null] One of my biggest goals in life is to live off the grid but I don’t know how to. I am a 18 year old girl who lives in a suburban hellhole in nowhere Massachusetts. I am very fortunate to find this webite an I really need help finding information on how to live off the grid. I have no job and no money, and I have trouble dealing with depression. I would love to live in a warm place like Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, or california. If i’m not able to live in those places then I will still love to live in someplace where I can still be a vegan and grow my own food. I am looking for a community or just people that can help me. I don’t want to be a miserable corporate slave for the rest of my life and since the economy is going down the drain, I want to save myself before it’s too late. I could really use all of the help I could get, thank you so much for reading and for the future support.[landbuddy_listing id=392 youtube=null]

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68 Responses to “Vegan off grid community”

  1. Genevieve

    My name is Genevieve. I’m 33 this year, no partner, no children, I do however live with a cat I call Schnuffy, on my boat (Bryony) on the River Thames, London.
    I am obsessed about earthships and would love to live near a fresh water spring and build a load of earthships with a community of people who are manifesting similar things.

    My aim is to live in harmony with the earth and live off of what’s in the garden.

    My boat sunk a couple of years ago and I’m doing her up, so if anyone has boat building or carpentry, plumbing or welding talents and would like to live in London whilst exchanging talents, please get in touch with subject BRYONY CARE AND LIVE-ABOARD gendunne@gmail.com

    The living space is small, but it’s fun, like camping with a log burning stove.

    Hoping to get to connect with some people who are interested in the same lifestyle and ideals in life.

    If you’re in a vegan community in England I’d love to come visit you and see if my energy is a good match for your space 🌻🔮💗

    Magic, light and love out to one and all xxxx

  2. Christian Sumner

    Hello everyone my name is Christian I am a vegan of almost a whole year now and throughout this life change I have found myself becoming more aware of my surroundings, enslavement of humanity and how brainwashed we are. I want to find myself disconnecting completely from social media and living a fully raw vegan diet off the land and off the grid as a minimalist. I want to know if there are any place you can work to live at. maybe an off grid vegan community.

  3. margaret Mouton

    *i meant raw vegan

  4. stella staffordshire

    I would also like to know.

    • cb

      It’s been 61/2 years. I am curious about how your life has been going since you wrote.

  5. john markadakis

    What happened to you? Where did you end up? So many people feel this same way, I’m really curious. Email me!

  6. Joseph Burke

    Hey there.

    I am Joe from England :)

    I am reading your post 6 years later by the looks of things. I am interested to see if you actually found an off grid haven? I suppose if you did you wouldn’t be able to reply to this mail lol
    I am interested to see how the last six years has materialised for you.

  7. Andowylde

    @ cain abel binette … I am looking at places in south America, please get in touch as you left no contact details. For anyone else out there with similar goals, I am a male from the UK with excessive survival and bushcraft skills … I can build almost anything, and am looking for somewhere tropical and near the ocean. Please get in touch! 4ndy4wol@gmail.com

    • Energé Tone El

      Greetings Andowylde!

      Have u found any yet, or had any luck? Eye’m still looking for me and me Four(4) children… We have a lil Solar Generator, Solar Panel, a 8 Being Tent, etc… We are in Florida at the moment… If u find any… Please let me know. It will be very Appreciated!:-)

  8. cain abel binette

    truth seekers looking to form a sustainable community in south america. if you are interested please email me.

  9. Kevin

    Any help will be appreciated

  10. Kevin

    Looking to live off grid
    I am a vegan and looking for help.
    Please email me at
    Thank you

  11. Energé El

    Eye left a message a couple of hours ago. But eye forgot to put my e-mail and phone number for anyone who has acres or aiming to git acres or whose in a Vegan off-grid community or starting up on, etc and needs help.. Me and my lil family up to join… Just wanna be around more like minded beings… natureking.tr@gmail.com, 561-703-5928

  12. Energé El

    Greetings All!

    Me and my family are looking for an Vegan off-grid community or someone dat has land and looking for help with Our lifestyle… Eye’ve been a Plant-Powered Vegan for almost 5 years now. My reason is Love and Compassion for Mama Earth, the Animals, and the People’s… We just wanna be the Natural Living Energy Beings we are, etc. we wanna join in and Ascend, Elevate, Rise together, etc… Fed up with this CORPORATE way of living. We live by Nature/Natural Laws, Connecting to Mama Earth, etc… We are willing to help and be help… If u All in for me, trust dat eye’m all in for u… Let’s manifest and create.. Together we can do whatever… Rise together or fall forever… Someone come through for us we need this… This city life ain’t for us… But this Nature life out in the country deep in woods is… We don’t really have money, but eye do have my words, energy, knowledge wisdom and experiences…

  13. Bran

    We are 45 male 48 female living in South Wales UK.
    At present we are renting a cottage on a busy main road, but would love to build a
    Roundhouse of grid. We would like to meet other vegan’s whom would like to live similar by growing and collecting fresh water by stream.
    We work hard to achieve what we have and have experience working on land helping build a Roundhouse.
    Best Wishes,

    • Harpreet Padwal

      I might be interested. May I have some more information, please?

    • Genevieve

      Where in Wales?

      Have you heard of earthships?

      I live nearly off grid, on a boat on the Thames. I have a phone and laptop and bank account which keep me Ingrid for now.

      Where are you guys at?

      Could I come for a visit?

      I’m a Homœopath by trade and would love to live near a fresh water spring…maybe I could bring my boat and treat the community from the water?

      Anyway my info is gendunne@gmail.com please let me know.

      Warm regards

      Genevieve 🌻

  14. Joop

    in Holland. only small house. with music. and positive vibration. ppl are welcome to talk ideas out and bed with food. and maybe if u do not have too much money we can help…. we are with 3 ppl now Y-now@live.nl

  15. Joop

    hope ppl here will. help eacht other. (i like reagge too much) put fya pon dem a babylon system.) one love, one ppl. with the benefits u get from animals who are better than human being (most of them)& being vegitarian

  16. Joop

    to bould a water filter actualy is very easy. just need fine stone. sand. and burned wood. a big waterton

  17. Joop

    hello, i live in hollans. i allmost live without money… its not the same but i do good things for ppl here and ppl do good things back.

    also. iam vegitarian my whole live. still believe why meat if we do not need.

    i had lots and lots of money before.

    i would love to meet ppl who are thinking the same. i have nog religion. iam 32 i dont wanto have any woman. (no not gay sorry ppl) just free world careless without money. instagram hetwestenvdmaas

  18. Elaine Webb

    Hi all.
    Just wanted to let people know about an off-grid vegan community starting up in Portugal. FB the vegoa project if interested.

  19. Jess

    We are starting a vegetarian community. We are vegans , have 10 acres in Sub tropical Fl and are in the process of transforming it into a food forest. We have an extra bedroom and would love 2 people to come help make this big transformation possible. Email me for further details. sharethelove.giveahug@gmail.com

  20. Kirstine

    Hey I’m 22 years old from Essex, UK. I’ve been vegan for only 6 months, but in this 6 months I’ve been awakened to the real world and I just cannot live in this matrix anymore. Me and my partner (who is also a raw awake vegan) are looking for a vegan community to eventually settle down in, somwhere where we will be happy to raise our children. I cannot think of anything worse than to raise my children to live in this cruel, brainwashed world. We are currently planning on building our own mini trailer home so we can go off grid and travel but this dream seems so far away without the money to build it! Feel free to email me! I am very interested in joining a vegan community or even just to speak to like minded people.

  21. taetm

    Wow we have so much in common…I wish you posted this in 2015 so I could have met you. I’m the same as you, well back in 2011 anyways. Now I’m trying to go off the grid before shit hits the fan..im really scared, desperate, and hopeless. I hope you made it out…

  22. Andre Wilmore

    Hi guys, I’m a hippie, vegan, balanced God a co-creator, a lover of live, I am illuminated which means to me knowing how much you don’t know. I am into spirituality and the power of now, and the power within and learning about the universe and the laws. I am tired of society, I am tired of waking up in this matrix. I was always an inquisitive being. I really need help on the balanced places, where i can be by a stream, good soil, food, and the earth is already my shelter I am good on that. I also decree to be around the people who share my values as in moving off the grid.
    email me at andre.wilmore@gmail.com

    Best reguards,
    Andre Wilmore,

    Wholeness, Abundance, Happiness, knowledge, and Raise up the vibration

  23. Danielle

    Hi there, anyone in UK doing this? I’m looking for a eco vegan off the grid community or friends in UK if poss. But feel free msg me wherever you are :) maybe i’ll be nomadic and explore.

  24. Energe' El

    Greeting to All!:-)

    Eye Am Nature “Energy” Being!!! 32 in the Physical Form…

    Eye’ve been a Plant-Powered/Vegan over 3years now and Love Every Moment of it. My reason is “All Life Matters to me.” My Love and Compassion for Other Living Beings is part of All Life Liberation, Mama Earth, the Animals, Mine and the Other Living Beings… This way No Body gits hurt at All. Eye Live and Let Live. Eye also Eat to Live:-)… So yes! Other Living Beings means a lot to me (Especially Animals and Trees)… Eye rather be around Animals, Plants, and Other like Souls… My aim is “Off the Grid.” Eye do Not Connect to or with the city, main streams, Commercial Laws, Rules, Policies, Codes, Ordinance, etc etc… Ion even like or feel comfortable in a building like house, etc etc… I’m into Rising my Vibration/Frequency, Ascending, Elevating to my Higher Self, etc etc… Eye Connect more while I’m away out deep in Nature… Eye also aim to be More in tune with Mama Nature and Mama Earth, including mySelf, and Surroundings:-)… If anyone knows where a “All Vegan” Community is located or aiming to Start one and needs help doing so… Please git back with me… Eye Know and always Felt We (Natural Living Beings) can Rise Together.. And be an Strong Impact on the World, and Be dat Strong Loud Voice for the Animals!!! Ion deal with the CORPORATIONS no more and don’t regret my decision at all… I’m the Natural/Original Being dat don gon back to Living Natural/Original again!!!:-)

    Eye also have Another half and We have six children/lil Energy Beings.. But ion think dey would be coming with me… This was suppose to be Our Life 2gether. But she changed her mind and dey followed. Eye don’t know yet if her decision is final… But I have to Live my Life and she hers (rather we have to separate permanently)… I force my Lifestyle on no one.. Eye just do what eye have to and Live my Life Accordantly… I Live by Nature/Natural Laws, and the Supreme Law of the Land!:-)

    Eye’m also good at Planting… Eye aim to grow my own food, plus eye make music etc etc…

    Ion don’t have money. But eye Know the Power of Figuring it Out, and I’m good at it!:-)

    If u have any info or if it’s u doing so. Please let me know… My e-mail is: natureking.tr@gmail.com


  25. Cher-Ami

    Looking for a place to settle down for good. As I do NOT like leaving my gardens. My daughter and I are organic, vegan (striving for raw/vegan), love animals (NOT to kill), want to build a small cob home, access to fresh clean water, mild climate a and live near (not too close) to like-minded, compassionate human beings that want to care for our planet.

  26. Victoria

    Conscious Awakened Holistic Vegan here as well! Looking to live a life, off-grid, with like Vegan/Raw Vegan folk. I’m in FL and though there are options here, I think we’re all falling into the same category of wanting to part the typical controlled lifestyle of work slavery controlled by the Gov. Contact me if you are living this life now in a vegan community and are looking for more to join in. I believe the World is changing and our nutrition/health is what will be the determining factor in who survives. Essential Oils are also key.

  27. Holly

    I too have experienced a spiritual awakening and no longer resonate with the insanity if the enslavement of the Rat Race. I have wanted to breakaway and live a natural self sustaining lifestyle with like minded individuals for many years. My talents are in healing: Mind-Body-Spirit. My background/ education is in the medical field (RN, BSN) but I have been studying natural health and healing, herbs, nutrition, mind-body medicine, and healing with essential oils for 7 years. I also have interest in training as a midwife, master herbalist, organic gardening, fermenting, sprouting, and foraging. My passions also lie in writing and expression through art. My father owns 250 acres of land backed up to Mark Twain National Forest with springs running through it in Southwest Missouri in the US.

  28. Adrian

    I own a fairly large home on 6 acres in the mountains in Costa Rica just outside San Jose that I need a family including some mature adults to occupy. You will need some sort of income as you will need to buy things to care for the house, you will need to pay for food until you can learn to grow enough of it and pay for electricity. Email me if you are past the dreaming stage at adriancrane7@gmail.com.

  29. Taylor McCloskey

    I need a off grid fruititarian /raw vegan/vegan place ASAP! I plan to move to the jungle, so it will only be temporary. PLEASE HELP! Call me! 5074919344

  30. Janette

    Hi. I am a 36 year old single mom. I am vegetarian. I am looking for an off grid commuity to join or help start. I was a construction engineer for 18 years so i have lots of construction experiance. I also am good at canning, baking , making wine and making soap. I have ranch / farm experiance as well. Alot of the above posts sound alot like me. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

  31. jared

    hello there im 21 100% raw vegan for 14 months now no goin back I feel amazing im an great labor worker an I love to fermet veggies an wine Ive got refrences please email if theres any vegan communitys interested

  32. Mark

    Great , there other people who desire to live simple , honest & healthy … While respecting all Earthlings big and small … What is a life without compassion ?? A life without compassion is what we have in the big cities now !!! & spreading outwards …

  33. Robyn

    I am so happy I found this website!! My husband and I, both 31, have been chan for two years and our eyes have been opened so much to what is happening in the world. We both feel like we can not be a part of a society we no longer have faith in, can no longer try to fit into a way of life that no longer makes any sense. I feel like every day I wake up, put on a mask, repeat the expected lines, and move on automatic, as if my mind isn’t even in it anymore. I don’t want this. I want to live my life in a way that I believe in. I want to live in a community of other people who share the same realization and passions as I do. While so much of this world seems intent on leaving a mark on this planet I would rather my life be like a passing breath moving over the earth, I don’t want to leave any footsteps behind me. I want to live a life o meaning, purpose, and most of all compassion. I am looking for a community of vegans/vegetarians living naturally, off the grid, in a sustainable Eco village. Like most people here I have no money but what I make each week, which is not barely enough now to cover our bills. I don’t want to care about money. I don’t want my worth as a human being to be measured by the contents o my wallet. I want to be free. I want to be with others who, like myself and my husband, have found our humanity and are not willing to sacrifice it in the name of wealth or class or fitting in. We are ready to make a stand by stepping outside the box that was designed for us, contructed at birth and maintained by fear and oppression. Our lives have value only if we recognize the value in all life, and live accordingly. Is there anyone else out there with this same conviction beating in their heart? We can all work together to sustain a way of live that we believe in, that is kind and free. All we need is a direction and the will to travel down that path. I want to make this happen! If there is anyone else out there, serious about a life off the grid, please let me know!

  34. Yasmine

    Hello fellow veggies :) I’m an 18 year old girl in Canada. I finished high school a few months ago and took a year off to work (currently doing), all to save up for my future adventures and a sustainable lifestyle. I would love to live in a tropical destination with likeminded (awakened) souls. I do understand that it is important to make the right connects that could give me this opportunity. Pleaseee email me – yasmineA12@hotmail.com. Love and light !

  35. cassidy

    this is the most amazing blog ive ever seen. i am not vegan all though it is something i have been wanting to change in my life for a long time. My bf and i currently live in florid and can not stand it. being a corporate slave is unfair. we are DYING to live off of the land. we currently want to move to mass and would love to find and off the grid communitie to partake in. i am skilled in cooking, cleaning, pet care, painting, gardening and all sorts of other stuff, while my boyfriend anthony is well rounded in gardening, construction, and all other manly stuff! we just looking for a nice communitie that wants what we want :)

  36. B Still

    @Dean what is your email address please?

  37. Nia R

    Hi, I am a vegan for 12 years now. Currently 18 and moved from NYC to Portland, Oregon a few weeks ago. All I want to do is start something like this. All we vegans/vegetarians can live together on a land just growing and living the right life. If anyone has anything now feel free to email me at niarodriguez.8895@gmail.com I’d love to join!

  38. Dean

    The goal is to buy some cheap land, there is some to be had, in upstate New York, and get it going in the summer, and live a freegan life in NYC as needed, meet people, network, and solicit donations. I have property in Florida now, 2 acres, my business partner goes there from time to time to plant fruit and nut trees. Email me if you want more info.

  39. Margaret

    I’m only 16, but this is all i really want to do, I’ve been a vegan for years, and if this is active, I’d love to participate in an off the grid vegan community to avoid ever being a wage slave. This is ideal!

  40. Sheldon

    hi I am a 22 year old being from Norfolk, VA & I’ve been yearning to be free & live off the land like we creatures we’re intended to. I am also a vegan. on my last leg in society jobless thinking about leaving everyday I wake up. if there are any vegan communities out there living off the land I would love to join please email me. I am to venture away back home to nature 13love

  41. nico

    i seriously love the idea of vegan only communities! I would only be comfortable with vegans though, no stealing what is not mine for dairy, eggs etc. I do a ton of activism so that is my only problem, i still need to be able to go out and fight for the animals. hmmm so lovely though.

  42. Brooke

    Hi if this is still active I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas where the climate is ideal for growing all sorts of food. I am on the road to veganism and would like to live off the grid for the same reasons as not being a corporate slave. I am 20 and work 30+ hours a week with a growing distaste for people that care nothing about anything but themselves and have been desperately searching for a safe group of people to live with or communicate with and get to know and collab with. I am not wanting to move because I see Arkansas as a very fit place for the lifestyle and would love if you would contact me to see if we could work something out.

  43. shontay

    i want to get off the grid too i am a vegan i live in minnesota let me know if i can help or if you can help me namaste

  44. Slacs

    I am looking at homelessness soon.
    I have no paying job, only the job of helping animals. And so, no money!
    I will be traveling, if and when that happens,to find a peaceable place. of course I am vegan, but I would like to learn more about these vegan communities to see if they coincide with what I need and my beliefs of anti-capitalism.

  45. Kenneth Quinn

    Dear friends, Sandra and Kenn are Canadian citizens living in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico on several organic acres. Seeking a vegetarian couple committed to organic gardening and adobe cottage building and live free from the cruel burdens of the harsh consumer society. Please view our website and feel free to contact us.

  46. Liz

    Living with vegans and growing our own food is my dream. :)

  47. Ashley

    I am in the same boat as Kristian V. . I would also love some information .

  48. Kristian V

    Hello, I just stumbled upon the website because I am also very interested in living off the grid. I currently live in RI, I have a job but very little money. I am also vegan and I am interested in an offgrid vegan community, I think thats a great idea. Any information is extremely helpful.

  49. jordan fanning

    I live in Cumberland, RI. I basically just read this and felt like i wrote it myself. I am looking to do this same thing. I’m 18, depressed, and I need to get out! I’m willing to travel and especially somewhere warm. I’m fine with living in a tent for a while and hitching rides whenever, but I cannot travel alone being a girl and all. feel free to email me if this is still valid!

  50. dan

    I’m a raw vegetarian, out here in Peru, where fertile warm land is as cheap as a second hand car.
    The weather allows anything to be grown due to its mild climate here in the Lima metropolitan area and the best part is Peru has all the organic tropical fruits and veggies you could possibly think of. I’m not currently off grid but i will be soon. It’s always good to know like minded people though.

    • margaret Mouton

      Hello dan, I am very interested in moving to peru I want to live completely off grid with my boyfriend and cat, and hopefully find a community of raw vegans that we can collaborate with. I do not want to live in over populated areas of peru, but I need help knowing what areas i should look into. Do you have any ideas? Thank you

    • Genevieve

      I’d love to move over.

      Have you got many English people in your community?


  51. Sarah

    Hi! Is this still active?? I’m 21, primarily vegan, wanting to go off grid. Did you find anywhere or anywhere?? Email me! Slcase90@me.com

  52. shenguorui

    I’m looking to do the same thing too!

  53. Bob

    Would love to help. Are you willing to move to n.j.?

  54. TexasNaturalBuilders

    RagaMuffin I posted earlier about out veggie/vegan community we are trying to get going. please contact me MudMaverick@TexasNaturalBuilders.info

  55. David Reed

    we are trying very hard to get our community started, but we are finding the only people that seem to be interested are meat eaters, we would love to have a veggie/vegan community where we can all be comfortable and not worry about the murder and consumption of animals. We are vegetarian and do consume honey, cheese and eggs on occasion, if you are comfortable with that then maybe our community is for you RaggaMuffin!