Hello! Namaste!

My fiance andrew (24) myself Jordyn (23) – a vegan – and our daughter Ellieana(7 months) NEED to go off grid. We have a goal to eventually have land for animals with no home to have a sanctuary. We want to grow our own food and create a 100% self sustaining vegan life off nature! We believe in the universe and trust in it as well. We do not judge, and believe we are all one. We believe in natural healing and are marijuana advocates. Andrew can weld, work with wood, plumbing we both garden and cook and are so up for learning more. we know there are people out there like us so lets do this!!!

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  1. Kenny

    Hi. I am looking to start a small Community. I have an 8 year old son and soon to be wife. I am currently building our Cabin and Garden. its 23 Acres in Northern Maine. Cyr Maine. You more then welcome to email.

    • Codygrid2715

      Kenny i an 24 years old my soon to be wife is 20 year old and we have a 6 month old daughter we are looking to join a off grid community i am willing to leave my job and move my family to do so but would need some kind of work or help build the community to pay for rent ect. Would like to build my own cabin/home i want my daughter and soon wife to appreciate the land please email me for more info cfolkenroth121592@gmail.com

  2. Tracy

    Hello Jordyn, My husband and I own 60 acres in Northwest Alabama. We are both in our mid fiftys, and we are searching for people like you, that are interested in organic gardening, building, etc., and are willing to help us with our farm projects, in lou of renting a piece of our property. If you would like to discuss this, contact me at tracymccauley@yahoo.com

  3. Nature "Energy" Being

    Eye’m really loving this post😃… Me, the Beautiful Wombman Eye’m with and Me Four children are aiming for the same… Eye’ve been Plant-Base/Plant-Powered Being for almost 6years now.. And the Beautiful Wombman Eye’m with has been over 35years. As of now we are aiming towards Costa Rica and Ecuador… We leaving the UNITED STATE CORPORATION (USC)… Aldho All is Mama Earth, Mama Nature… But in this area.. To many wanna control. Dere for dey have power over u… Eye’m Divergent and Insurgent. So it won’t work on me… Eye’m so done with living around the ones dat continuously stay sleep.. Dere isn’t anymore of giving dere power away willingly, unconsciously.. Dey’re are given deir power away willingly consciously out of Fear(False Evidence Appearing Real)… Killing the Planet, the Animals and each other for deir selfish assumptions… No Love, Compassion, Empathy for each other, Mama Earth nor the Animals… It’s a Zombie, Robot Apocalypse.. Eating each other and others like Zombies. And Programmed by the TV’s, etc like Robots!!! This is a couple of reasons why it’s best to go Off-Grid… Because u Are Not Going to Wake dem All up… Eye Realize some are meant to stay sleep… Maybe dat is also considered Balance to some…

    Who Am Eye!? Eye Am Just a Natural Living Being dat Lives by Mama Nature Ways😉

  4. BobbyKorona

    What is your location…… have land in East Central Florida ….. contact me …. bob32175@aol.com ….put .. off-grid-bob .. in subject line .. take care .. :)

  5. Ras

    Hello! Ras (24) — also vegan — Hit me up at RasDFarian@Gmail.com if your interested in discussing details ! I dig the vibe of your post and look forward to hearing back from yall.


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