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Map pointers show where off-grid people live
Browse map — find friends, share resources
Our Landbuddy section is one of this web site’s features most valued by our readers. Now we have released a video to explain how to use it.

It allows people with land to contact people looking for land, and vice versa – there is also a third category for people who just want to help out – perhaps at an off-grid community near them.

Landbuddy is a browsable map – which means you can zoom in on the area you are interested to explore and then find like-minded people who are advertising.

We hope you find it useful. Please contact us with any comments or leave them on the site – and please be in touch with any videos or stills of your off-grid life – send any news stories to

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2 Responses to “Using our Landbuddy Map – new video”

  1. Peter Burak

    I didn’t find anyone near Winnipeg or Manitoba

    • Nick Rosen

      Please be kind enough to add yourself and then that will set off a chain reaction and others will join

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