Todd-Bogotay-on-roof-of-Turtle Building
Bogotay’s remote home (Reuters)

Reuters West Coast put out a big feature on America’s “off-grid pioneers” this morning, containing an interview with editor Nick Rosen. It was instantly copied by Guardian Online. Expect to see it taken up here and there over the next few days.

The New York Times, just published a piece about off-grid second homes which featured Nick and our friend Steve Spence.

The widely syndicated Canadian show Ecoshock also hosted a long interview with Nick about the many reasons why people go off-grid.

The CD quality version (at 12 min 37 sec, 12 MB) is at:


The Lofi mono version (3 MB) is:

Meanwhile giant North-East public radio station WAMC carried a report about peak oil, also including an interview with Nick Rosen on the way to cope with the current downturn. You can listen to it here.

The Reuters report by Tim Gaynor in Bisbee, Ariz, covered several local real estate developments that are specifically off-grid, an early sigh that there is considerable commercial potential in off-grid building systems.

Eco-architect Todd Bogotay settled there on his own 20 years ago. Now he has 15 off-grid neighbours. “People used to be attracted to living off-grid for largely environmental reasons, although that is now changing as energy prices rise,” said Bogotay, standing in blazing sunshine with a wind turbine thrashing the air like a weed whacker overhead.

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