[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am a recent college grad and a current Americorps VISTA serving in Grand Rapids. My year of service is up in February next year and my life is wide open. I have a real desire to live off the grid and not be bogged down with large bills and debts. I want to travel and not feel trapped in my life.

I would love to build a home from an old school bus or a tiny home. I guess what my point is is that I am looking for like minded people. For those of us that are looking for alternative ways of living, connecting with one another, and being kind to our planet. Anyone with interest, curiosity, knowledge, experiences, or opportunities in Earthship biotecture, off the grid living, sustainability, and more. All you need is a desire :) Let’s talk![landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Unknown Waters”

  1. Joe Werle

    Tiny House Cooperative forming
    White middle aged businessman looking for 10 younger, more energetic ‘partners’ who are local community members with a world view of the economic stress we are in as a society. Hoping to build 10 Tiny Houses together as a Cooperative. I have a location where we can store materials, learn together, experiment, and finally help each other build our Tiny Dream Home. I envision a team effort with 4 components.
    1. Design Group to research best practices, research online info, etc
    2. Legal Group who can research options for zoning, insurance, options for final site locations.Establish a ‘contract’ between coop members for time and money input to be equitably distributed.
    3. Materials Procurement who will assemble needed materials, find and buy used trailers, create crowd source funding opportunities etc.
    4. Contractors/builders who will assemble tools and supplies, plan work days and work processes. Lead the construction efforts.
    See my CraigList post to respond.

  2. Mark Cleveland

    I am learning, but I can supply sweat equity.

  3. Dave & Melissa

    We are looking at buying 7 acres about an hour and 1/2 north of GR. Looking to go off the grid ASAP. Looking to trade sweat equity for a place to live should be enough room for 3 or 4 family’s

  4. AM

    Hello, I am in OH currently so not super far from Michigan. I am interested in going off grid. I hate the idea of bills and debt. I love nature too. I can work well with new people and I am friendly. I hope you and everyone else on this forum will contact me back with some form of a plan. Thanks.


  5. Krislyn

    Hi! I am a recent college graduate as well and looking for others who would like to venture together in living off the grid. Very few people view life and nature as i do, and it sounds like some of you do as well. I am looking for a community of like minded people who are off grid or for people like myself who would like to gather together off grid and build a community together. I absolutely love to travel and am not opposed to any terrain or location. Let me know if you feel the same!

  6. abt

    i can’t seem to understand how this sit works. how or where do i talk with the posters? and they respond to me

    i cant fugure how this site works . where is the open forum to get somones email or phone

    • WrethaOffGrid

      abt, there is a forum on this site, but the best way to speak to another poster here is to include your email address in the body of your message, right now only the site owner, admin and mods can see your email address, the general public cannot automatically see your email address. If you are worried about spam bots snagging your email address, you can write it out like this
      this way humans can figure it out but bots can’t. :)

  7. Big AL

    Before you leave Grand Rapids, plan to take a 1/2 day to see the great people at the Geek Group Leonard Street Labs – to call them a Makerspace is like calling Niagara Falls just a water feature !

  8. Matthew Blakeslee

    Hello, I too desire to live off the land. I have been preparing for severals years buying gear, tools, appropriate clothing, water filtration devices, Learning survival skills, etc..
    A couple of my concerns are where i will stay, is it safe from rangers, etc.
    contact me on facebook if youd like to talk more.

    I have to till next year to find a place to live and or a job and a plot of land.
    my dad is selling the house and moving in with his wife.

  9. Mark

    Hi there! I’m living off-grid in a tiny house on a two-acre plot east of Grand Rapids. I’ve been in the trailer since last summer, but I’m just starting on this piece of land so everything is very minimalist right now. Long term, I would like to establish something of a community.

    I would be happy to get together and share ideas. You too, Jordan.

  10. Jordan

    I have been looking for 2 years since I have been out of the marines and can’t find anyone to help me or go with me for living off the grid they all think I am crazy