Brett Sutherland built the ultimate bachelor pad on wheels to suit his need for a home, balancing cost with useability without sacrificing style, this is one of the best looking tiny homes on wheels I have seen. Brett didn’t care for the tiny homes he had seen before, he felt like they were too cramped for his liking, wanting lots of head room for air flow, especially in his bedroom loft area, the design he created looks great and is very functional, there is lots of air movement as well as light.

Here are a couple of videos as well as many pictures, enjoy!

and a follow up video with a great ending showing how he has many friends in and around his place.










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3 Responses to “The ultimate bachelor pad on wheels”

  1. Jason Odom

    Are the exterior WALLs built like a stick frame house…upright 2×4 lumber with siding screwed to it?

  2. Jared Bryant

    LOVELOVELOVE this. If I can get to New Zealand, will you help me build my own place?! I am so tired of the rat race. Looking for a life change. I have plenty of building skill, just need help meeting the right people (the person who runs the local junk yard1haha) – Seriously, this is very inspiring. You are brilliant. Thanks Brett.

  3. Tony Vasquez

    Would like to know more about living off the grid.