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Everybody has to veg out sometimes

A lot of people go off the grid to get away from TV and other symptoms of the consumer society.  But we all have a weakness for some aspect of TV entertainment, whether its the  movies, documentaries or bonnet dramas.

However, living with solar power, or in an RV,its essential to choose the right kit to save energy and reduce the amount of space and clutter from the multiple wires and  gadgets needed for your viewing pleasure. So we set about finding the ideal off-grid TV.

In the UK only, you clearly need Freeview, plus you will want a DVD player and the ability to record programs.

That’s why we recommend this 12volt TV/DVD player available on Amazon. Every customer review has given it 5 stars.

It has ultra low power consumption –  average 2.3 amp 28 Watt. It runs on 12 volt, 24 volt and 240 volt.   As well as the Freeview and built-in DVD Player (Multi Region) it has a USB PVR Record facility so you can slot in a 16 Gb flash drive and record up to 6 movies.

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  1. Andrew Carvin

    Sweet! Added that to my wish list. =)