We are couple with an 8year old son who wish to live off grid. We have a bit of equity in a couple of properties not a huge amount of money, but are able to sustain ourselves for a couple of years if need be.

Fed up with todays materialist culture, perpetual cylcle of worry and constant thinking about a future that may never come, desperately want to experience living in harmony with nature with other like minded people. Please get in touch if you would like to get together to discuss ideas, we really don’t know where or how to start

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2 Responses to “UK based couple wanting to live off Grid asap”

  1. Blue

    Hi Joshua, and anyone else who might be interested. Looking to expand an existing Permaculture/Spiritual project in Pembrokeshire. You don’t need money to ‘buy land’ but you do need guts, stamina and determination. Windows like this don’t stay open for long and will close soon if no-one takes up the offer. Aiming to be self-sufficient at the new site in meat, eggs, milk, fish, power and fuel in one year. Experience in growing fruit and vegetables would be a great advantage. Practical skills essential. Must like chickens and goats type of people! Anyone interested in becoming part of a society where the currency within your community borders is caring and sharing, please get in touch. Couples welcome. Children welcome. May need to rough it initially so a camper van would be helpful, although we could probably sort out temporary accommodation. Will need to apply for One Planet Status to build a new home. All the best to all, Blue from Galonglas

  2. Ciarán

    Hi there,

    We are a couple and want a change!! Two professionals that seem to be paying for everyone else and totally feed up of stuff. Will sell property if something excites us and go for it. Too busy and want to enjoy not endure life. We have an 8yr old, one on the way and three rescue pets (2 puppies and a kitten)