Hello I’m Katorii (my internet name), my brother and i are blacksmiths and also have a wide range of skills and knowledge useful for off grid living. We are both 34 years old and looking to join someone or a community living off grid already or who has the land and just wanting others to join them before making the jump them self. We are both currently in Texas and prefer to stay that way, but if something comes up to good to pass on we would be willing to go. We would like there to be some sort of wild game for hunting or trapping, we do both eat meat but raising rabbit and chickens will also work for us. We do own guns so if that’s an issue please stop reading now and just move on thank you. We are wanting to live a life without needing much if any money, we can make knifes, tools and other useful items for trade or barter if those are options, the idea is to be free after all, that being said we are also not hippy artist that sit around doing drugs and painting not that there is anything right with that haha, we do not drink or do drugs. Well that’s all i can think of for the time being please email me at esham75153@yahoo.com if you would like to chat or find out more info.

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0 Responses to “Two blacksmiths looking to join someone off grid”

  1. Dr Dew

    Hey Katorri, did you and your brother ever find a spot? I’m looking for something similar, and I’m curious if it actually exist haha