[before_listing images= youtube=null] I’m interested in networking with people in my area to share ideas and possible resources. Solar energy and sustainable living are my main interests. I’m 56, work full-time at a job I plan to retire from, own and living on two small properties close to Truman Lake and I want to make one of the properties self-sufficient.

No leeching lazies/druggies/drunks/or militants. Zero tolerance for drama. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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11 Responses to “Truman Lake MO, interested in sustainability”

  1. Kathy

    I would like to contact David from the Clinton area or anyone else in the area. We live in the Calhoun area, which is close to Clinton and Windsor. We are interested in learning about hooking up solar power or any other alternative energy. We live on 15 acres and raise as much of our own food as possible. I dehydrate and am learning to can. We are on public water but also have a deep well. We also raise our food organically and are always looking for ways to fight garden pests naturally. You can contact me at ktyler44@hotmail.com.

  2. Bee

    Hello to ALL.For those INTERESTED in living off the grid email me @ bduke0214@gmail.com .I have VALUABLE ideas to share! Let’s connect!

  3. lauretta graham

    I am happy to see this happening in so many places, especially near my own home town of Clinton. I am traveling as I write, shopping coast to coast, to determine where I might settle at the ripe old age of 72. I have lived off the grid and loved it, and would love to do it again. Keep me posted on your progress and keep in touch; I may be back your way again. You can email me through my website.

  4. jane harlow

    Just in case this is not posted: creatingsanctuary.net

  5. jane harlow

    Hello there. If any of you are still on here i would love to make contact, especially Carol (neighbors) and David (help). The land i have now is located between Osceola and Warsaw – 48 acres of trees & rocks – no power or water hooked up. Focus has been on building roads to get up to the ridgetop trimming wood to use in construction. My phone number and some photos of the land are on my website. Hope to hear from someone. Take care

  6. David

    I live in the Clinton area, and I have been doing research on how I want to set up my off grid location. I have yet to buy my property, but I would be willing to lend a hand in helping. I am a jack of all trades. I have working knowledge of alternative energy/water/sewage/housing. Let me know if I can be of any help.

  7. Sherrie Goodwin

    Hey Carol,
    I currently live in Peculiar, Mo. but own several lots at Bent Tree Harbor(off Z hwy) in Warsaw. We already own a yurt and would love to put it up on the property at Bent Tree. We have just begun the planning phases of this dream. We will likely move to a small travel trailor that is currently there and work on getting the yurt up within 6 months of the move. We are very interested in solar power for the yurt, however, don’t know a lot about it. Also, looking at options for water. We don’t have a lot of disposable income but we are very hard working, determined, flexible, and inventive. So, we are definately interested in the most cost effective options. My boyfriend is a carpenter by trade but has an AMAZING knowledge and skill with machinery/motors, plumbing, electric, and can figure just about anything out!! I would love to talk to you and exchange ideas & learn about the Warsaw area. You can email me if you’d like. Have a great day!! :)

  8. Carol Missouri

    Bob: Thanks for your response. This is all new to me. I have a garage that I remodeled mostly myself (wiring, plumbing) and now wish I had done it with alternative energy, ie solar lighting for the motion lights on the outside (bought some today) and the inside. My electricity provider is a small company and will never be buying electricity from people so there is no reason to install converters. My water heater is the biggest stumper at the moment. Your place sounds awesome and I’d love to see it when warm weather gets here.

  9. Bob

    Hello Carol,
    My name is Bob and I just bought a few acres about 200mi from you south of West Plains. I just built (finishing) a 500sq/ft cabin that is total solar and uses rain water harvesting. If you have any specific questions about solar or water purification I would be happy to help out with what I have learned. Just drop me a line and I’ll email you back.

  10. Carol Missouri

    This is actually a sub division broken down into 0.6 acre lots and we all share the well. Corps of Engineers owns most of the land around the lake with free fishing, hunting.

  11. jeff webb

    i have been looking at land,up your way.been about 2 years,i,m wanting to go more green.