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Darker redder zones are the hotspots
Darker redder zones are the hotspots
Expect brown-outs from the grid in the South-West US as California, Nevada and Arizona are among the states bracing for triple-digit heat this weekend.

The Magenta areas down on the left are the extreme heat areas. WeatherBell Forecaster Joe Bastardi says we will see all-time records broken in cities like Phoenix and Vegas and Tucson, with temperatures of 120 degrees. “These cities are much bigger than they were in the 1960s and 70s,” Bastardi told MSNBC. “So you are getting urban heat. Its not climate change or anything like that – its just that as cities are getting bigger, they are getting hotter.”

The big question is whether the heat in Death Valley which reached 135 degrees in 1913 will top that level exactly a century later.

For now forecasters are only suggesting 129 degrees. Off-grid homes had better pray for breezes.

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One Response to “Triple digit heat this weekend – cities to suffer most”

  1. Corey

    Going to hit 104f at my house tomorrow … And I live in the HIGH desert which is typically much cooler.