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We are a Torah observant family with 3 children who, upon the sale of our home, will be relocating to one of Americas few remaining “pockets of freedom” (preferably central Idaho or SW Missouri) to make an off-grid land purchase. We are capable of purchasing 30-60 acres and are seeking interest from other Torah observant family(ies) who are inspired to “come out of Babylon” and would be interested in making a group land purchase. Our incentive is to acquire a part of a larger, more desirable piece of land and at the same time play a part in selecting our neighbors. I am 43, my wife is 37, and our kids are 10, 8, and 2. We are truly seeking to remove ourselves as much as possible from modern society and are wondering if there are other T.O. families out there interested?

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7 Responses to “Torah observant land buddy?”

  1. Angela

    Hi… are you still looking for families to build a community with? My husband and I along with our 3 children are looking as well. I saw your youtube videos. Thanks!

    • Rebekah H.

      I am looking as well, 55 year old female, husband 66 over the road trucker (non-Torah but respectful of others) and hardly ever home. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Renee Mioore

    I am looking to go off grid and be a part of a Torah observant community as well. Are you still looking for neighbors?

  3. BryanH

    here is a link to our youtube channel documenting our progress

  4. BryanH

    Just an update on our status..It appears we have an offer on our home which means its time to get with it. Four weeks this summer looking for property in Idaho has helped us narrow our search for a place to homestead. Anyone with cash and a similar vision just leave a reply, Yah willing, we will make a purchase by spring.
    Thanks for the reply Pastor Joe. Been watching viking preparedness videos since you guys got rolling at shofar mountain , you’ve been a real inspiration,

  5. outofbabylonyahwehbeliever

    Just curious about your progress. Would like to talk in greater detail, Send me an email. We are looking to start/join a torah observant community. Please email me at

  6. Pastor Joe Fox

    We are Shofar Mountain – A united community pursuing a deep and obedient relationship with YHWH and which has left worldly lusts behind and is living a simple, “self-sufficient” life that treats Creation with respect.
    If you are interested please feel free to contact me at