My name is Mary. I’m 26 years old. I study the word of god and alternative medicine. I have over the course of several years been driven up to my wits end with the way our society (and increasingly world) works.
Nothing makes sense. Wealth over health, Kim kardashisn as role model of how a female should look and behave, Trump as the new president. I feel like we are living in the end times or are about to undergo a metamorphosis of consciousness into the enlightened multifaceted spiritual beings I always thought god designed us to be.
The society to me resembles one big psych ward without the organization that should go along with it. R.F.I.D chips? What’s next will we be charged for the air we breath. Someone catch me I am falling gasping for air. 

Besides the rant I really do need to live a life that supports my holistic approach. I want to network with other like minded people and build a eco, spiritual, solar panel community. A place where everyone has their own role critical to development and survival of the community. Caring about your neighbors. A community vegetable garden optional, and so much more. Been looking to organize all my ideas and thoughts with the right people and set this plan in motion, and finally materialize the golden reality-your own rent/mortgage free home and food you know without a shadow of a doubt is healthy and soundly nutritious! Oh my my heart spins like a gerbil on the wheel with excitement thinking about this! Who’s with me? Get in contact me and we can help each other make our dreams come true! God bless 





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