Good evening, we want to find people and go off grid by the end of 2019.  We are a professional couple that are tired of paying for lots therefore enduring life not enjoying it. We are animal lovers and have three rescues.   We are outdoor people and have enjoyed many evenings walking, running and sea swimming.  Please contact as we are new to this. :)

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13 Responses to “Tired of same old same old”

  1. Ciarán Doyle

    I’ve done it! I am full-time touring since 3rd August. I have never been happier!

  2. PennyandLeila

    Hi all,

    Update. Things are now beginning to happen. We have a potential buyer. Fingers crossed for a sale in early 2020!


  3. Robert Crerie

    Hi – How are you thinking of living off grid, a tiny house? or converted van?


  4. Gen Agustsson

    i would love to live off the grid anywhere in europe like france and iceland but i’m not certain when. by the way i live in redondo beach, california.

  5. Ricky

    I am at a cross road as well. I am a creative , honest guy. I am open minded with eyes wide open.
    I have a lot to offer in the way of off grid living, all aspects of the subject. I am in the process of making outdoor gear . Lets chat and go from there.

  6. Rachel Aurora Doe

    Hello I also want to go off grid. I’ the north east UK but can easy move no problem . I love animals , so I’d have at least 1 cat to bring . she’s lovely . I’m fed up with life . long story but I’m willing to tell. I just want out. I can contribute

  7. Ayla McMillan

    Hi where are you located ?

    • PennyandLeila

      Kent, UK

      • Ayla McMillan

        I would love to help you create your dream. I to am a animal lover and worked at a couple of rescues. I’m only 17 so don’t have much money but (I could volunteer)if you ever need a hand email me

      • pj.livingstone

        Hi Ayla

        We are moving forward with a plan in west Wales near Aberystwyth (4 miles from the sea).
        Does that sound of interest to you?
        Our listing is here:

      • Rachel Aurora Doe

        hello I’m from the north east of the UK . can easy move . love animals. rescue animals. sick of the **** in life . I want to be with like minded people who thunk the same and have the same views. please email me

        • PennyandLeila

          Cool. We are gathering momentum having putting our apt on the market. Fingers crossed for the next few weeks!

          Have you a region in mind to live? We are still researching.

          • Jhon

            How is it going with the selling? Did you made any progress ? Do you guys have anything were to move in mind?