I am starting to see more and more of these shed style homes, they remind me of Morgan buildings. They are a glorified shed that can be finished out to turn into a living space, perfect for the rural areas with fewer or no “codes”. I am seeing these cheap, really cheap and they will usually deliver them to just about anywhere. I see lots of potential, you could start out with one and add to it, or even have multiple units for the different parts of your living areas, living room/bedroom, kitchen/bathroom, guestroom/art studio… Many of these can be had for less than it cost to buy a car.

Here are a few video examples of people who have done just this.

Of course, this is our very own Bill of Off Grid Solar Cabin fame, he and his wife, and their little chihuahua are working on getting their own off grid solar cabin set up and ready for them to live in when they retire.

I think you get the idea, so get yourself some cheap land somewhere, get one of these delivered and voila you have an instant home on the cheap!

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8 Responses to “Tiny homes, cheap!”

  1. Jimmy

    Treasure Gift, what state and areas of the state do you find these tiny homes?

  2. Corey

    If you want a small very efficient structure without forking out the dough for a prefab (or nearly prefab) fancy shed I suggest you look into earth-bag construction. The structure portion of our new house is VERY cheap. Cheaper than the windows alone.

  3. Maria

    Nice tiny house, but please email me information on this cabin had bathroom?

    Thank you,

  4. Eric

    These houses can often be built for less these sheds go for.

  5. Eric

    I read a book by Ed Romney enitled “Living Well on Practically Nothing” in which he shows several blueprints for building small cabins or houses.

  6. Bruce David

    We erected a small cabin (400sf) along with several outbuildings on the few rural acres we own and have been hounded by the local Communist bureautwits that we cannot use it to live in because it doesn’t meet their 1000sf minimum. Of course, the realtor, et al, never mentioned anything about this. We also had to tear down a 14×30 mobile we placed as it wasn’t new enough (again, no regs posted anywhere). We had planned to modify the mobile (as we had done in AZ) to an updated version but that wasn’t good enough…lost a lot of loot thanks to government communists…buyer beware.

  7. j.r. guerra in s. tx.

    We’ve seen a few of these structures used as hunting cabins in the rurals, especially the metal clad ‘storage buildings’ as temporary weekend digs. These larger buildings with ’empty nesters’ or new retired / unemployed would work.