I really appreciate how tiny homes are becoming more and more mainstream as well as legal, though many still have to “get around” codes and rules by making their tiny homes on wheels, to make them mobile or portable. I worry that some more restrictive locations might catch on and create even more rules or laws against tiny homes.

Meanwhile, Kirsten Dirksen, a filmmaker has traveled around all over the world shooting videos old and new tiny homes, showing us the way different folk live. This documentary is a wonderful eye opening look into just how tiny some people have gone, one lady lives in a 90 square foot apartment and has gotten quite a lot of attention from the press, but there is a man who lives in an even smaller footprint, measuring in at 78 square feet, his apartment in Manhattan is not much more than a space for a couch and bed that folds up behind the couch, most of us have larger closets.

Watch and enjoy.


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