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17 Responses to “Timeb4us”

  1. jonboy

    If you have 200 grand for a piece of the future…problem with ownership of that piece is the perpetuation of the haves and have-nots. The government wants them @ ecovilliage, just part of the progressive tax farm…

  2. ssmcivilian

    the only problem with owning land is that the government will know where you are.

  3. Ashley

    I live in Belfast Maine and there is a community being built here and it is called EcoVillage. They are biulding a self-sustaining village. The website is https://mainecohousing.org/

  4. Yellowbird

    hello all I am John Yellowbird I am the owner of a time be for us in Maine if you have questions in regards to living off the grid email me @ sadonahomestead@gmail.com

  5. sandyis

    My boyfriend and I are looking to do the same. We like maine because of the land and tax costs. My BF Tom was a contractor in CA for 30 years and can build anything. I have a slight mechanical aptitude and love animals and want to do farming. We are seeking others who seek the same. Our goal is to move some time next year, so we are in the planning stages. Would like to find a small farm or camp.

  6. Tracy Gayton

    Folks interested in living sustainably in Maine should take a look at the Piscataquis Village Project.


    “This proposal is to create a compact, car-free, village of 125 acres, on a site totaling 500 acres in southern Piscataquis County. Development of the site would be guided by a set of zoning and building covenants specifically composed to create a space, as it is built out, to resemble traditional villages of Europe and early North America, in which foot or bicycle was the primary or sole method of transportation. This site would be declared a car-free zone. Motor vehicles would be parked at the perimeter of the development in a green belt of at least 375 acres, which would also be acquired as part of this project. The green belt, other than the area designated for vehicle parking, would also be a zone for allotment gardens, small scale agriculture, playing fields, outdoor recreation and park-like green space.”

    The way the project is currently structured for a $10,000 investment one receives a building lot and a commensurate investment in the project. If 20 like-minded people can organize together they can invest in a “village block”, a cluster of homes surrounding an inner courtyard for $100,000, which works out to be $5,000 apiece for an unimproved building lot.

  7. Jen

    I am so thrilled I came across this thread. My fiance and I (along with our Beagle) are moving to Ellsworth this Spring, (closing on our land purchase in February).

    We, like David, live in Northeast Pennsylvania (I’d love to know where you are from David. We’re neighbors! – small world).

    TheArkHaus.com is a small archive of our data and progress as we built our mobile off-grid cabins (which we are relocating to beautiful coastal Maine this Spring). We are continuing to update the site so be sure to “follow us” and check back regularly, there will be major updates upon our arrival in Ellsworth.

    We used two used 20ft. shipping containers as our mobile cabin (kitchen, bath, bed, large storage closet and art studio). Totaling 320 sq. ft! Yes, we fit it all in there. :)

    It is 100% self sufficient equipped with a rain harvesting and purification system. It has suited our needs quite well this past summer but we have since “semi-retired” our project and disconnected our water collection system and began prepping it for its upcoming move North. This was all done on a shoe-string budget. No fancy expensive solar panel systems or windmills here kiddos! Everything we did is totally affordable and will last a lifetime.

    Once we are up in Maine we are going to expand on our project and construct an additional 500 sq feet using Cal-Earth’s “Super Adobe Dome Method”. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMNzoWkXTtc )

    We are planning to offer workshops to those who are interested in learning how to live off grid and become more self reliant. Providing a wealth of information, literature and hands on experience to those who seek a less conventional lifestyle.

    Our goal with the ArkHaus is:

    To maintain a standard of living without becoming a slave to the rising cost of living.

    To practice good Health and live the good life by assuming 100% responsibility for our own wants and needs.

    To live harmoniously alongside Nature by building a home utilizing both re-purposed and organic materials.

    If any of you share the same goals and are interested please check out our website and shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

    -Jen & Trevor

  8. david5150

    Hello everyone, I live in NE Pennsylvania, but am looking to live off grid, possibly in Maine. I’d like to talk to anyone who shares my view. I need advice, as I’ve not lived off grid before.
    Thanks, David

  9. John Yellowbird

    Hi downeaster if you want email me at backyardharvest@live.com you are not far away from us we are near Bangor


  10. downeaster

    I live in Ellsworth and am exploring going off grid. Would love to meet others in the area to learn more about it in person.

  11. golddigger62

    Howdy Neighbors :) I’m just north in New Brunswick..on 14 acres with stream and unpronounceable river near by :) high up..great view of at least 50 miles..I’m retired and artist in stone and wood..solarized and stonehearth for heat in 1978 Terry Travel trailer..tough rig.. use it prospecting in Oilberka..been into some rough country the ol rig takes a licken and keeps on ticken..happiest most exciting times over 6 years hunting down my place and building the off grid unit..full reno..rockin..6250 wat gen set too for power grinders etc..building tools. other wise we worshiping the sun :) peace out..good luck.. your being there is a encouragement here..lots of off grid’ers appearing all over.. just in weeks..more and more..if youhave freinds not averse to New Brunswick look at http://www.wolterland.com for great deals and top notch service.peace buds.

  12. John Yellowbird

    Hi Wayne
    We use solar, propane and a generator seems to work great for us .We have a small home stead near Bangor and thinking of moving North to Aroostoock county soon

  13. Wayne

    We have a cabin in Newburgh. It’s 1mi off the maine road. Using propane & generator. Thinking of retiring to here. Love Maine!

  14. John Yellowbird

    nikki There are a number of places in Maine with a few acres and low taxes landfarm.com has a great website for a number of places in Maine ..also look at mother earth news .com it has the land farm website on it email me if you would like to find out more …backyardharvest@live.com….

  15. nikki

    We want to do this and need advice.Live in a small town but looking for mini farm,with low taxes in maine.

  16. John Yellowbird

    Ellsworth is not far from us .We are near Bangor

  17. mainah

    Live in Ellsworth.

    Not off grid now but have been in the past.