Im a 22 yr. old male, I grew up on a family farm and i always played outside as a kid. That time has come again When graduated highschool i stayed on the farm. Ive always wanted a simpler life away from from possessions and money. I can move just about anywhere. I am very good with animals and though im not as knowledgable about survival skills as id like, i can learn fast. If anyone would needs a helping hand, im loyal and will work from dawn till dusk if necessary. I can hunt and fish and handle harsh weather. Im very mild mannered easy to get along with. Ready to get out of this oppressive system! My email is

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2 Responses to “Time for a change of scenery”

  1. LoneroftheDork

    Big question I don’t see the answer to is: where? There are a lot of people trying to get groups together in Canada so if that’s where a little searching on here should get you a few options.

  2. BobbyKorona

    Hello….. If you don’t get any replies to your post …pack your bag and head South to East Central Florida ….. this will be raw land with zero utilities, How you make your little homestead is completely up to you and your skills. I have lots of recycled building materials, stained glass doors, metal roofing, full sleets of glass, plywood, structural lumber, large 4X8 ft pallets, billboard vinyls for a yurt house, and more. Have one area with its own pond and another area with mature oak trees for a tree house. A suggestion if you intend to grow your own food think about container gardens, less preparing the ground and more conservative water use I have over 100 blue 55 gallon blue drums. I mentioned the billboard vinyls some 16ft X48FT to harvest rain. Contact me …. …. put off-grid-bob in the subject line or it will go to spam! …. keep in touch if you wish … Bob .. :)