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Best of British broadband
For mobile broadband in the UK, Three is the best network. That is the result of a 250-mile comparison test from Broadband Genie – a comparison web site. Off-Grid is seeking partners to carry out a similar comparison in the US (contact

According to the release, Three provides the best mobile broadband experience on the move. Six dongles are taken on a 250 mile round trip by rail from Cambridge to Exeter, pitting them head to head in a series of challenges along the route which saw Three come out on top.

The 2012 Road Trip tested dongles from O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Virgin and Three. The challenges included speed tests, file downloads from the BBC and, streaming high-definition video from YouTube and Vimeo, and music from Spotify. The dongles were not only judged on pure speed but the stability and coverage offered by each network and quality of the dongle and software.
Mark Brewer, head of mobile broadband devices at Three said: “We’re thrilled Three’s premium dongle took out this unique Broadband Genie challenge. The premium dongle boasts network speeds of up to 40 percent faster than its competitors, making it the perfect companion for road trips.”

Broadband Genie also recommended T-Mobile and Vodafone which both showed a strong performance, providing a steady connection which allowed them to complete a large number of the challenges and demonstrating impressive speed in downloading, uploading and speed tests.
Three was the clear winner for the second year in a row, completing more tests than any other network with excellent speeds across the board.

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3 Responses to “Three Network is best for mobile broadband in UK”

  1. qivitoq

    3 network has rubbish signal in my area of wales, ee (used to be t-mobile /orange )just about gives phone though it drops out a lot.

  2. Arch

    In North Yorkshire
    Beeline Broadband do off grid nano stations which give you high speed wireless Internet from £20 a month checkout there website
    These nano stations can run off 24 volts DC or mains 240 volts AC
    And do not need a land line !
    Could be use for a remote alarm also with video ?
    We are using one and it far better than 3 G mobile Internet, so if your off grid up here give it a try

  3. off grid pikie

    For £15/month on 3 and a £40 N95 Nokia with Joikuspot lite you get unlimited inertnet and can broadcast a wifi hotspot that will run 2 laptops with ease at around 1.5-2MB/ enough to stream iplayer or music…..