[before_listing images= youtube=null] I can help share ideas with those who wish to go off grid in Latin America – specifically talking about climate, rainwater catchment and also the systems and technologies that are available in Central and South America.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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17 Responses to “Thinking of South America?”

  1. Natuval

    hi there, We are familiar with popayan. I lived there long time, also San agustin and other surroundings. I am half Colombian and feel safe dealing with the lifestyle and culture overthere. The idea can be to start up a little selfsuficient farm over there outside of popayan. important therefor is serious partners, starting with buying land for a fair and correct price. We are four people and we do have friends there already such as family, but its alw. good to maybe hear others out. rainwater catchment is an otpion but also we look for land with a farm on it, in good state, safe area, maybe condominio cerrado, the most important is OWN WATER. so if you or anyone knows something would be very cool to hear your feedbacks.



    Hello family of 3 single mother and 2 daughters , wanting to relocate in south america specifically PUERTO RICO since its easier for americans to relocate there… we want to go completely off grid, and become completely self sufficient and eventually start our own holistic herbalist business. let me know if anyone has similar interests.

  3. jepaul woolard

    hi , looking to move off grid to Colombia after I am done contracting in Egypt, possibly another 2 to 3 yrs. would love to know some really nice places to possibly buy some rich fertile land, set up some container living and/or possibly a home if necessary. also how difficult would it be getting containers and just items from the states.Was also wondering how coast living really was? I was thinking inland but I wouldn’t mind being close to the beach. thank you so much.

  4. scaroselee

    hello the posts on this seem super old but im looking to go off grid with myself and a few other buddies it would be a groupe of 5 so far but we are growing if you are or have gone off grid in south america please email me ASAP as i would like to know the requirements in order to not get in trouble with the law skimber95@gmail.com (forgot to put this in first comment)

  5. scaroselee

    hello the posts on this seem super old but im looking to go off grid with myself and a few other buddies it would be a groupe of 5 so far but we are growing if you are or have gone off grid in south america please email me ASAP as i would like to know the requirements in order to not get in trouble with the law

  6. Jacob

    Hey I was planning on getting a ticket to ecuador (from arizona) in 4-5 months and attempting what you have offered. Wasn’t planning on buying land or anything but more of a cast away experience. Though to join a self minded community and building that life feels very welcoming. I’m 24 and have 6 years of framing and doing concrete so some wits are under my belt.
    I’d like to hear more on your operation and also give you my.. let’s say life resume.
    Also your thoughts on going to a batch of empty land in Ecuador away from civilization, pitching a tent and living. possible or do they have immigration patrols and what not.
    Safe travels, Jacob

  7. steve clarke

    Hi, some interesting comments! I’m living in San Agustin, Huila, Colombia, starting up a permaculture farm. The bills here are so cheap for energy (like 3 dollars a month) that it isn’t worth looking into getting off the grid at the moment for us. We have a river at the bottom of the land for possible future exploitation. I’d be interested in sharing info with people. Tony, where are you, near Popayan?

    • Natuval

      hi steve

      I am half colombian, and I know San Agustin. Have been there aswell. I live in europe with the family. Sounds abslutely cool that u guys are building up a farm in permaculture. I was wondering how to get to buy land with serious people. I have lost a bit the contacts over there. Are you guys a family? We are four people, the language isnt a problem, I am well familiar with the culture and the people so I feel “safe” starting a small farm over there if it flows.

  8. Amanda

    Hello, I am looking to move off grid as soon as it is possible for my boyfriend and I. It will most likely be awhile before we are able to make this dream come true but I am in need of so much information…that it is not even funny. If anyone can help by giving me some information..maybe someone who has already made this dream come true for themselves, that would be absolutely amazing. :)

  9. spencer

    email me at spencerpeirce@att.net I’m 21 year old white lookin dude and I am trying to get to Colombia and I see you want someone well I am totally down to go. I got a good heart and a loving spirit that is what I can offer plus a helping hand and another mind to come up with ideals. I never did this before but I have no limits just a infinite amount of potential to live. I’m in south Florida and I refuse to conform to society. I refuse to be a slave to money,people, and want to live life the way we truly should be. I won’t participate in Man’s evil greed and corruption the lies are everywhere in society but I see through it all. Email me asap cuz June 2nd I will be moving again don’t know where but I don’t really care.

  10. Lauren

    Hi there!

    I’m a 23yr old artist/art teacher hoping to someday live off grid in South America. One of my concerns is pesticides and toxins there? I’m trying to find a warm climate where I could live peacefully and heal my body from modern North American ‘civilization’. Ecuador sounds like perfect place for me, except I have chemical sensitivities and an auto-immune disease. I’ve heard that DDT is still in use there, and that spraying is a huge problem in South America. Is this true? I’d hate to move from a toxic environment in Canada to one equally so in another counrty!



  11. Zachery

    Hey! I am 22 years old. I am searching for a place to develop the skills and experience with living sustainably. I am already handy and I am a quick learner. I work hard and I love long hours. Especially when its working towards something worthwhile. I own a bicycle a trailer, work boots, and work clothes. I am open to traveling anywhere in the world. Currently I am in North America.

  12. Michele

    I also possess tons of construction experience. FYI

  13. Michele

    Looking to start a new life after leaving an abusive relationship. Im a 40 looking 50 sumthin. A horticulturalist, with skills that would be useful in establishing a calm, loving environment w/like-minded individuals. I enjoy the heat of the tropics & can grow anything! My children are grown & successful. Need to fill my empty nest.

  14. tonycolombia

    Hi Justin. I’ll need to hear a little more about your own plans before I can help you out. Hi Jim and Mindy, we’re in Colombia and have many projects including an off-grid house. In our experience, we haven’t had any issues with crime and although there are greater risks in central and south america, you’ll probably find it’s also localized which means that if you settle somewhere outside the big cities, you can live a much more peaceful existence.

  15. Jim and Mindy Phypers

    We are currently living in Mexico… see mexico.solarhaven.org
    but exploring other countries in Latin America because of mafioso activities in our area. What do you know about Guatemala for buying remote land.

    We have heard Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world — wouldn’t want to even pass through that country to get on to other places that interest us like Costa Rica. We would be towing our vintage Airstream, a temping target for theft.
    Hope you can get back to us…

    Jim and Mindy Phypers
    Veracruz, Mexico

  16. justin

    i am interested in South America and going off grid. let me know what your trying to do.