My wife and I are currently living on a farm in Marshall, TX, where we are caretakers.  We’ve been here since August of 2018, and thing have gone pretty will until two weeks ago.

When we got here, the deal was that we would work at least 15 hours a week taking care of the property, animals and garden to cover our rent/electric, and we pretty much had run of the 10 acres to do what we wanted or needed as far as various activities such as more gardening, crafts, blacksmithing, etc.  Lots to do.  We were allowed to sell some of the eggs and produce for extra money, and my wife ended up being the gentleman’s housekeeper when his regular housekeeper ended up seriously injured and permanently disabled in a car wreck.

We became very close with the owner – he was like a second dad to me.  He had others working for him that were quick to take advantage of him and his kindness (not doing all of the work they were paid for, etc.) and some were afraid they might lose their jobs because we were doing more for less than they were getting.  We were just doing what was asked of us.  We keep everything above-board, kept the work done and caught up, and we got along quite well.  It’s been an enjoyable two years.  We were like a little family, which was what he wanted.

He had helped my wife get her soapmaking business going which was starting to take off.  She was also getting into machine embroidery

Two weeks ago (Oct 26th), the owner perished in a plane crash in Lubbock, TX on his way home from New Mexico.  His girlfriend, who is also the executor of his estate, is struggling with whether or not the farm will be able keep going.  To top that all off, my wife found out that since there’s no paperwork or contracts regarding the deal with the soap business, she’s losing it to his estate, and who knows what else will happen next.

One thing I do know is that three of the people that are here helping the gentleman’s girlfriend clear up his estate do not like my wife because she has “taken” their jobs (because they only halfway did things).

Basically, my wife and I do our jobs on the farm and did what we’re asked by the owner.  If they choose to quit or they get fired, that’s between them and the owner  and not our business.  Our business is doing what needs to be done to keep things going.  We’ve already taken up their slack and moved on.

With all of this going on, and so much uncertainty as to what tomorrow will bring, we realize that we need to leave.

We have our own income (Not very much, but enough to cover our basic needs).  While we know that things may never be the same as they were here, out thirst for homesteading has grown and we’ve always dreamed of maybe one day getting our own place going.

Our ideal situation right now would be a farm or homestead who could use some help fixing, building, and maintaining and helping with things that are needed to be done.  We’re pretty good with plants and animals, and the animals here are used to getting lots of love.  We do also have some experience with basic veterinary care, have experience with birthing.  My wife is also a fantastic butcher with years of experience (if you need some done).  I have some experience fixing small engines, older vehicles, and we can both run s0me basic farm equipment (tractors, plows, tillers, etc.).  We’re always ready to learn more!

We’re both in our 40s.  We do smoke, but smoking outside is no issue and we don’t throw butts on the ground.  We do enjoy a drink or two on occasion, but it’s pretty rare and we don’t get drunk.  We’re 420 friendly, but don’t partake of it much due to it being currently illegal in Texas.

We don’t practice Christian faith, but we have no issues with those who do.  Our religious orientation is more earth-based spirituality.

We’re interested in communities and individual situations, and we prefer some place in Texas, Oklahoma, southern Missouri, Louisiana, or New Mexico.  We’ll also consider Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.

We don’t currently have an RV but may be able to locate a cheap one nearby if needed.

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One Response to “Things changed a lot since last posting – Looking to get going on a farm, homestead, or off-grid”

  1. Gianfranco

    We are an older couple who live in the U.K. but we have a homestead in S.Italy 1.5km to a village, we are looking for some one who will cut the grass 3 times a yr near the houses and the barn so that everything looks nice and tidy. You can have a friend with you or children or dogs or horses and we could even consider the possibility for you to stay long term.
    We have two houses and a barn on 7ha plot. You could have one house (at present off the grid) and keep farming or teach English on line or look for work in the area. Write to for more info, or tell a friend