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The average working person struggles while Corporate profits soar. The middle class is being replaced by automation.

We underestimate the impact of automation. This video observes how, as the economic crisis deepens, competition gets tougher.

This is forcing business to automate more which in turn lays people off, reducing purchasing power and fuelling the crisis further. This self destructive trend has a limit where the system stops, and we may be close to that limit.

The service sector absorbed almost all the jobs that the industrial sector automated. Noow robots are able to substitute almost any job in the service sector, starting with cash machines and moving to robotic “chefs” and medical doctors.

Automation can free us from dumb, unhealthy, boring jobs while creating abundance of resources. Automation is a product of the application of science and knowledge so it has it´s own evolution. Every modern machine is created by the sum of knowledge of all human generations from all parts off the world. So, is it a positive thing to regulate or stop automation?..

Well i believe that stopping automation could only lead to stretch the life of our current economic system which in the end only “benefits” a tiny percent off the population while destroying the biosphere ability to sustain life in this planet.

So maybe it could be a good idea to “Occupy Technology”, meaning that an amazing modern Robotic arm that contains higher tech than Apollo 11 and which is used to produce the ultimate disposable Chinese electronic speech recognition Santa Claus, could also be used to produce organic vegetables?

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