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The Global Eco-village Network is a network of sustainable communities.

It offers invaluable knowledge and experience from the most successful sustainable communities around the world. In this video, founder Kosha Joubert talks about the GEN, her experience in this movement, how an Ecovillage helps to change a whole region, and the rising interest from mainstream media.

An example of famous ecovillages that are part of the network are Findhorn Ecovillage in Escotland, Auroville in India and The Farm in the U.S.

All off them are true laboratories for Off-grid living, energy technologies, low Carbon footprint building methods, new economics, alternative currencies and much more.

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  1. Peter

    If you want to support agenda 21, and believe in overpopulation and peak oil, and support eugenics as a solution to keep on living the life we are living, GEN is your friend!


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