Looking for landbuddies. Are u ready to go off GRID ? I have the land AND looking FOR some landbuddies. MUST be serious. Trying to start from scratch off grid community. If you are into glamping in your RV or tent, that is also possible.contact for more info. This is in southwest Texas towards New Mexico border

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5 Responses to “Texas Glamping. Tent or Rv. Temp or permanent.”

  1. Sabrina walker

    Hi I’m very interested please email me sabrinawalker1989@gmail.com

  2. Nate

    Hi there I am very serious about changing my way of life I h e a lot of skills for the way of life please contact me n8thehr26@gmail.com

  3. Gabriel

    Me and my wife would love to know more. We are interested. How much land? Can we build? Etc…

  4. Eric Daniels

    We are a couple M48 f51 we are looking to go off grid, we don’t really have enough saved to go off grid right now by ourselves but we’d love to get started on the process very soon within a month or two since winter is coming to our part of the country… I have many skills and lack only the cash to make things what we desire to retire comfortably. We are looking for a partnership / community to retire in the next 10 – 15 years… We currently live in Maryland and want to move south.


  5. Mikekw7

    Tell me a little bit more about the land and your plan,im interested!