[before_listing images= youtube=null] My husband, 2 yr old son, and I are looking to move off-grid as soon as the right opportunity is found! We are most interested in Hawaii or other places that are warm year round. More importantly than that is our desire to get away from processed and packaged foods, trying to live right off the land. We have combined gardening/pruning skills, I have some minor medical training and love to cook! We are 25 and 26 and very calm and quiet. We enjoy remote locations, and would like to totally remove any need of money and cars.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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12 Responses to “Texas Couple looking for a new experience!”

  1. scaroselee

    hi just a girl im looking into off grid liveing for my room mates and i at the end of the year when our current lease is up were all handy and hard working between the ages of 18 and 20 have various mixes of skills but verry little money to start up and i also have no idea on how to find a place to off grid so if anyone would like to invite us into their village or give some helpfull tips on places to go i would appreciate it very much. we would love to live compleatey off the land.

  2. norman

    HELLO, i am new to computers so i hope this helps my cause. i just bought a 4 acre rv park 35 miles south of ft.worth. it has all utilities and i own all the rv’s as well. im looking for people that want to live off grid. i plan to plant my 1st crop on this land come spring. i want chickens and other animals but i dont know anything about raising them.
    my property has a water well also. anyone with knowledge please contact me at

  3. Suzanne

    Are you still looking to go off grid? My husband and I with our 5 children are looking to move soon. We are also in the Dallas area. Feel free to email offgrid@mail.com

  4. Michael Calhoun

    I am 25, my wife is 20, we are looking to move off grid, and are looking for possible communities that we could join. I am a skilled handyman and grew up on a large crop producing farm and have extensive knowledge with animals and some knowledge of utilizing solar power. My wife is an amazing cook, with extensive gardening knowledge and home building techniques. Please email me if there is any information I could be made aware of.

  5. William Garner

    looking to move off-grid as soon as the right opportunity is found! following skill sets.
    Carpenter, Gardener, Hunter, Small engine mechanic, Outside cooking, Knowledge of goats/chickens working, I have been doing CNA work in homes and in nursing homes, Military training. I am in the Bandera area of Texas and look to help build and live of the land.

  6. Payton

    Hi I’m 26 living in LA and keep finding myself pulling away from the lifestyle here and found all over the country. I don’t really desire to participate in our American culture as I have seen, maybe I’m not finding the right niche but either way I feel this pressure to work and produce things i don’t believe in, I think mainstream America is built on excess and generally people seek and want things they really don’t need, at the same time don’t realize or know its not going to fulfill them.
    I believe there is a healthy positive livable way we can exist in the world that has limitless potential and it would look a lot more like sustainable communities.
    I wish i could experience the earth w/o all of the concrete and plastic .
    I am very interested in sustainable living and want to know more , please contact me if you would want to talk about it.

  7. Patricia Pridgen

    Hi, I’m 25 and my husband is 31 we have two small children 4 and 2. We are from texas and are looking at going off grid. Do you have any more information?

  8. Andalin

    I see we are in the same general area of Dallas. My partner and I are the same age as you guys and are looking to start new and move towards Of-griding areas. If you are interested He and I would love to get to know you and go from there. I have been doing alot of research on towns and farms on the way to Niland( which is our end destination) I have found many. Please email me at imurfallenstar@gmail.com.

  9. afc.1965

    I am in search for CHRISTIAN Families who are willing to live OFF GRID. I am not talking about “Partly” off Grid. I mean Off Grid.
    “OFF GRID” To live away from the society, government, rules and regulations of common towns and cities. To live a healthy simple life away from today’s Godless, Spoiled, lazy, resentful, fast paced, Greedy, sexually perverted, DE-moralized, prejudice Society.
    This is not an attempt to start a CULT. But rather an attempt to bring God loving Christians together to praise and glorify God and raise there children in manner of which they grow to believe in and Love Jesus Christ according to the King James version Bible.
    To Protect them from the Evils, Perversions and Temptations of what the world now excepts as Idealistic.

    There will be the use of shortwave radio, generators, solar,etc.
    No phone lines, no corporate electrical power lines, No city water, will exist on the property.
    You will basically be willing to live off the land as the 1800’s settlers did.
    We will raise our own crops, cattle, chickens, Cook from scratch, Can our food, process our own meat, sew our own clothes, hand wash clothes, Hunt for our food, use of out houses to preserve water, etc… Generators will be used as necessary ( gas is expensive.)
    Regular Church services will be held. Your FAITH in God needs to be STRONG.
    You need to be willing to work, help each other, respect each other.

    We are looking for people with at least (1) or more of the following skill sets.
    Carpenter, Gardener, Hunter, Meat processor, Seamstress, Small engine mechanic,
    Wind generator mechanic, Solar power installer, Mason, Outside cooking, Canning, Smoking/curing of meat, Knowledge of cattle/goats/hogs/milk cows/chickens/etc…,Teaching, Homeopathic Medicine, Midwifery, Archery, Reloading ammo, Tanning hides, Fishing, Cutlery, Conserving, Money Management, Fencing, Bartering, Wood working, etc…..

    We are NOT looking for………….
    Whining , Complaining, Lazy, Hardheaded, Argumentative, Non compliant, Atheist,
    Prejudiced, Angry, Hot Tempered, Womanizing, Gay, Anti-Christian, Muslim, UN-orthodox, Thieving, Lying, Manipulative, Drug/Alcohol “Abusing, Idiots.

    This is a Group Adventure where everyone will be expected to carry there own weight. Must be beneficial to the group in some way. We are looking for “FAMILIES”
    Must be Married, expecting or with children. (Our children will need playmates and friends.)
    We don’t want Baptists, Methodists, Church of Christ, Lutheran, etc…
    The only religion we need is Christianity. I don’t mean to be coy…..But different Denominations are what separate the Church. The Church Being Followers of Christ.
    In this world today…If “Christians” would Read the bible and live according to its word, Not the parts you Like or read past the parts you don’t like, But as GODS HOLY WORD AS A WHOLE, Our world would be ran by God Through Christians instead of what we have today.
    If you are a Democrat…….THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR YOU !! IF YOU LIKE OBAMA…
    We are looking for a minimal of 5 Families….Maximum of 8
    I have property in West Texas…..Very Solitude, Filled with 82 acres
    Lots of terrain with some nice rock/gravel bottom arroyos.
    During times of normal rain fall there is a nice seep on the property that attract wildlife.
    Great hunting area for Mule Deer, Aoudad, Javelina and the occassional Elk.
    One main road runs thru the property, with several other roads that dead end on property with great building/camping sites.
    During times of normal rain fall there is a small seep on the property that draws in wildlife!

    The temperatures there are hot in summer,,,,,,,cool in the winter…..But bearable.
    This property and way of life I am offering IS OFF GRID, Wholesome, Self sustaining.
    If you are interested….Notify me at afc.1965@gmail.com
    I will return an Email to you with more Details on what is expected of you and you can expect in return.

  10. afc.1965

    82 acres comprised of 4 tracts: 6394, 6395, 6396 & 6397
    Lots of terrain with some nice rock/gravel bottom arroyos.
    During times of normal rain fall there is a nice seep on the property that attract wildlife.
    Butts up to 9 Point Mesa Ranch. Great hunting area for Mule Deer, Aoudad, Javelina and the occassional Elk.
    One main road runs thru the property, with several other roads that dead end on property with great camping
    During times of normal rain fall there is a small seep on the property that draws in wildlife!

  11. W. Newton

    Hi, check-out the directory provided by the Fellowship for Intentional Communities. You can also search by location.


    I’m also providing a link to Rancho Amigo below. They are currently giving land away for those who want to build. They have a great project in a warm climate and are looking for members.


  12. JB

    Howdy Friends…Currently I am in the process of organizing an Eco-Friendly Intentional Community, located in the South Pacific within the Islands of Vava’u Tonga. The website which is attached to my Comment Registration is in the process of being updated…the initial idea for Camp Tonga was as an Eco-Camp with Playa-Domes as the primary “housing units”…now, the plans have been altered to accommodate a “village” of Converted Shipping Containers, with fresh running H2O -(cold & hot), electricity -(solar & wind), etc.
    if this sounds like something that you would be interested in learning more about, email me and I can update you as to the progress of my efforts…I plan on being in Tonga by no later than the end of this Nov, where I have a rented house to serve as my base camp while I prepare Camp Tonga for official living.

    Chat soon. Best Luck.